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Thread: A Visit To Chigwick

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    A Visit To Chigwick

    Hi fellow proggers.
    Thought I'd post a link to a track from my album Cocoon, just released. One of my personal favourites, "A Visit To Chigwick":

    This track is written about Trumptonshire. Many of you, especially british vewers will remember the three TV shows, Camberwick Green, Trumpton and Chigley. If you're like me you will look back with fond memories of these shows and the simpler world they created.
    Although the song is about Trumpton, it follows the broader theme of childhood. This is the concept of the album. Childhood and all its excitements and new experiences, but also coming to terms with the loss of childhood. A kind of Innocence to experience thing. Please give the song a listen proggers, and I hope you enjoy.

    If you like what you hear, you can find more info and audio samples and also buy the album if you should wish to, all from the Tiger Moth Tales website:

    As I say, please do enjoy, and if you do decide to get a copy, remember that a prog is not just for Christmas. Many thanks.

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    I had missed this thread and album at the time of its release - then I ordered the CD when I saw the record was nominated for a PROG magazine award last year - however the disc was forgotten in a pile of papers until I came across it a couple of weeks ago, still sealed. And finally I've discovered this amazing, beautiful album. I encourage all here to check it out. Great playing, some great songs. I've now ordered the Tiger Moth Tales "Storyteller Part 1" album and look forward to receiving that as well. This one I will not wait a year to play.

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    I love this song!

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    Fantastic song.

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    Yep! Great piece of music, and somehow comes across as genuinely wistful and sincere, rather than saccharine -- at least to me.

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    Very nice album, and great fit for Camel. Hope springs eternal for US tour dates!

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    Quote Originally Posted by markowitz View Post
    Very nice album, and great fit for Camel. Hope springs eternal for US tour dates!
    Peter you are amazing. Love your music!


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