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Thread: WTF covers

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    I'm glad that you guys are enjoying it. So cute and pretty good musically too! I've watched it multiple times now.

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    Quote Originally Posted by roylayer View Post
    Hocus Pocus. One of the greatest covers ever. I am literally in tears.
    I've no way of knowing, of course, but I choose to believe that if Thijs was to see this he'd love it.
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    Where the Hell do all these Japanese covers of “Epitaph” keep coming from? Here’s one from Kayokyoku mega-star Hideki Saijo. He’s probably best-known for “Young Man” (Japanese cover of “Y.M.C.A.”), which is on the same album!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Progbear View Post
    Where the Hell do all these Japanese covers of “Epitaph” keep coming from?
    Maka ki ecela tehani yanke lo!

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    Is this actually a cover? Or just 2 versions of the same song
    The Heinz Rudolf Kunze original

    The Anyone's Daughter version

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