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Thread: echolyn (1st album)

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    I don't think I ever saw them at CBGB. I was at that show that was as you say on Houston near the Angelika, but it wasn't on Bowery where CBGB was. Wasn't this the really short set for people from their label? I remember talking to Portnoy in the kitchen there.
    It was on the south corner of Houston and W. Broadway in what is now the Pegu Club. Check out the 2nd floor in this photo:

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    Weird, I've been in the Pegu Club. It didn't look at all familiar!

    But I do remember it was upstairs.

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    I found out about echolyn just before Mei was released. As the World was my intro & I was caught up by the music so quickly that I snatched up Suffocating & Cowboy Poems immediately. Everything else was oop. A Little Nonsense filled in the blanks. Loved it all so much I picked up Always Almost & God Pounds His Nails & Brett's first solo album. I should & will delve back into the first album, but Shades & Carpet Diem are my favs.


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