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Thread: King Crimson Merch Table

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    Always buy your merch on the way in. If you wait until the show is over-slim pickens or nothing at all sometimes.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Rand Kelly View Post
    Always buy your merch on the way in. If you wait until the show is over-slim pickens or nothing at all sometimes.
    Very true! Get it while it's hot!

    Most times, venues make bands do a 'count-in/count-out' with ALL of their merch that is to be sold at that particular venue. That way, the venue knows how much is sold and can get their 10-30% cut at the end of the night. With this, most bands will allocate a specific amount of merch to be available for that night, usually based on ticket sales, locale, day-of-week, and other variables. As an example, a band won't want to count in a thousand shirts if only a small amount of tickets have been sold.

    Sometimes, you can't blame the band for not having certain items made available at each venue. It depends on the % the venue takes. Some venues charge a flat % rate of the gross. The horribly run venues (New York, comes to mind) take different percentages based on the product. For example, a venue might charge a band 10% of the gross on photos/decals/keychains, etc., while they charge 30% on CD/DVD/media and 20% on shirt sales. So, there are times when it doesn't make sense to sell a particular item at certain venues, as the band might actually lose money. That's also a reason why some bands have different rates for the same item at different shows.

    There's definitely an acquired science to this, as many successful merch suppliers & fulfillment companies can attest to.

    A few years back, I was biting my nails as I was given a budget of "don't spend a lot" to manufacture/fulfill a band's merch stock for an entire overseas tour. I was at ease to see the numbers each night. We sold out of many items by the end of the final show, and were left with minimal stock to take home. The band cleared roughly 6x more than what I spent on the production of their merch. Everyone was happy.

    Some venues/promoters will refuse to take a cut of the merch, which is very rare. I commend the venues/promoters who do not leech off of bands. They should make their money from ticket sales and food/drink; not from product that they had nothing to do with.

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    Seems there was a limited amount of posters made for each NYC show.
    Bought the tour box and a t-shirt in Albany so didn't even look at the table tonight. Maybe tomorrow.
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    This might shed a little (construKcted) light on the subject-

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    What if Patricia Fripp fronted the next incarnation of King Crimson?

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    I guess Patricia took all the social skills amongst the siblings.
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