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  1. Unsigned Bands Invited to Take Part on First Progstravaganza CD Edition

    In August 2010, Prog Sphere started a compilation series called Progstravaganza. Almost four years later, with...
  2. Italian Prog Rockers UNREAL CITY Ask Fans for Help to Crowd-Fund Their 2015 Tour

    Italian progressive rockers, Unreal City ask progressive rock fans to back crowd-funding appeal for a tour planned for 2015....
  3. Seems like your computor.

    Seems like your computor.
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    Peek at the 1970s underground in our brand new...

    Peek at the 1970s underground in our brand new PROG ON YOU CRAZY DIAMOND podcast!
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    Hello everybody!

    We recently started a new podcast series named PROG ON YOU CRAZY DIAMOND. So far we published two podcasts, both showcasing the best prog epics of 2013. You can check them...
  6. Get The STEVE ROTHERY Band's "Live in Plovdiv" For Only 50p

    Steve Rothery is offering his solo band’s live album for just 50p until New Year’s Eve.

    Live In Plovdiv was recorded at a guitar festival in the Bulgarian city in October, when Marillion man...
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    Progstravaganza Questionnaire: Synaesthesia...

    Progstravaganza Questionnaire: Synaesthesia
    Progstravaganza Questionnaire: Shibeback
    Progstravaganza Questionnaire: Vermilion
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    PROGSTRAVAGANZA XV: Ascension Out Now

    Prog Sphere has just put out a brand new Progstravaganza sampler entitled Ascension.

    It features 33 songs in total, bringing progressive artists from all around the world (from USA to SA). The...
  9. MARCO MINNEMANN To Guest On AMADEUS AWAD's Album "Schizanimus"

    Lebanese guitarist and composer Amadeus Awad have already worked with some of the greatest musicians from the world of prog in the past, including Gavin Harrison of Porcupine Tree fame, Russell...
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    Thanks, Relayer56! I have to say that chosen...

    Thanks, Relayer56!

    I have to say that chosen tracks from the "Other" part will be put up as a podcast.
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    Vote for the prog epic of 2013

    Hello everyone!

    Prog Sphere is hosting a poll on the best progressive rock/metal epic of 2013. Dream Theater's "Illumination Theory" is one of the entries. Head over to...
  12. Prog Sphere Showcase: A cool new feature for bands

    Prog Sphere has a new feature for bands & musicians called Prog Sphere Showcase! What are the benefits & features of the Prog Sphere Showcase?

    * Web site exposure: literally thousands of page...
  13. "Progstravaganza: Selections I" Available for Download

    Prog Sphere's Progstravaganza compilation series highlights progressive bands from all around the world! With 14 parts released so far, Progstravaganza reached over 28,000 downloads (in the time of...
  15. Get A COSMIC TRAIL's Sophomore Album By Using Prog Sphere Discount Coupons

    In cooperation with German prog instrumentalists A Cosmic Trail, Prog Sphere offers the band's sophomore album "II: Mistral" released this year with special 20% discount. Read below for more info.
  16. Progstravaganza 14 Released; Progstravaganza 15 Scheduled For December

    Two months after the release of seminal Progstravaganza 13, Prog Sphere is back with another part in the on-going compilation series. Halfsized comparing with the previous part, Progstravaganza 14 is...
  17. We have it in stock on Progify Store. Check it...

    We have it in stock on Progify Store. Check it here. :)
  18. ALBERTO RIGONI Covers DREAM THEATER’s “Erotomania”

    After the release of last year’s Three Wise Monkeys, bassist Alberto Rigoni (solo artist, TwinSpirits)...
  19. Stream OMB’s „SwineSong“ On Progify In Entirety

    Progify brings you an exclusive premiere of Omb's debut album "SwineSong." Hear it in entirety on...
  20. Prog Sphere Launches Music Streaming Service PROGIFY

    There are not many music streaming services with a sole purpose of highlighting progressive music. Progify emerged as an idea of bringing progressive rock and related subgenres in a totally different...
  21. New Progstravaganza Compilation Announced - Prog Sphere Calls on Bands to Join


    The Progstravaganza compilation series has as its sole purpose to discover new bands, giving heads up to the fans interested in finding new sounds. Since its inception in 2010, Prog Sphere...
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