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  1. Echo Us release 6th Full-Length, The Windsong Spires

    Hello to the PE community! I wanted to share a new album we have coming up for release on June 22nd. The below video is snippets, but you can check out a full track on the latest Sound Chaser Podcast...
  2. Echo Us release two new videos from latest album!

    BOTH new videos from Echo Us' critically acclaimed album "To Wake a Dream in Moving Water" are now released!

    "This LP is a significant achievement, combining influences from Fripp and Eno, Floyd,...
  3. Echo Us release video single from new album

    Echo Us' latest video release (report from The Big Takeover)

    Multi-platform artist Ethan Matthews, the composer, producer, and creator of Echo Us, made his name in the music sphere in the 1990s...
  4. Hi Moe! There are some further bits on the Echo...

    Hi Moe! There are some further bits on the Echo Us facebook, and more to be released in the next few days/week:
    (video link)...
  5. Echo Us Return from the Abyss With New Celtic-themed Album

    To Wake a Dream in Moving Water: Echo Us Return from the Abyss With New Celtic-themed Album.

    Echo Us’ upcoming album takes from its founder’s past and spins it into a whole new direction.

  6. | Echo Us documentary and live performances | Ethan Matthews on À Priori Memoriaé |

    Absolute Probability Records
    ( :

    Echo Us to set to play Jimmy Mak’s and more- release video mini-documentary...
  7. Replies

    A few new Echo Us clips....

    Some new Echo Us material in this video...I may keep this up, not sure- the whole video interview will go up in January.

  8. Echo Us release music video “Nightlight”, announce live performances.

    Winner of “Best Eclectic” at the 2013 Independent Music Awards, Ethan Matthew’s Pacific NW-based Echo Us holds aim with live acoustic set and new video single.
  9. Echo Us wins Vox Pop Award at 12th Annual Independent Music Awards

    Ethan Matthew’s Echo Us, a Pacific NW-based music concept project joins a stellar cast of independent and former major label artists as Vox Pop Winner for “Best Eclectic”, for the album Tomorrow Will...
  10. Echo Us Nominated at the Independent Music Awards

    Echo Us are Among Nominees Of The 12th Independent Music Awards

    Effective: March 19, 2013 –

    Pacific Northwest-based world and progressive group Echo Us are nominated for Best Eclectic Album,...
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