View Full Version : kaki King on her many guitars

11-28-2012, 02:56 PM
This is a pretty interesting clip where Kaki King goes over the innovations in some of her guitars- very cool stuff.


11-29-2012, 01:16 AM
It is cool. I want that first guitar (the 12 string) that she plays. Do you think they make it in lefty?

The piezo lap guitar is cool, too, sounds like a koto.

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11-29-2012, 07:51 AM
Thanks for posting that video. I caught Kaki live about 10 years ago when she was first starting out. She opened up for the Tony Levin Band at the Conduit here in Trenton. She's an awesome guitarist with a really cool attitude. That Moog resonator thing she demonstrates at the end sounds insane. I'd love to hear more with that.