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08-13-2013, 03:33 PM

This fantastic machine has had one single owner, internationally renowned composer, musician and sound engineer Amy Denio. She's looking for a loving new home for this historic TASCAM 644.

She purchased this unit new, and recorded her solo CDs 'Birthing Chair Blues' (Knitting Factory/Spoot Music) and 'Tongues' (FOT/Spoot Music) as well as other singles and soundtracks for modern dance. Her song 'Dishwasher', recorded on this unit, was included as part of the John Cage Exhibit at the Venice Biennale!

The 644 Midistudio is a 4-channel multitrack cassette recorder, a 16 input mixing system with electronic routing control, and a MIDI Tape Synchronizer combined into a single workstation. It's the first Portastudio expressly designed to meet the challenge of the MIDI revolution. Its mixing section is designed in a new way to accommodate the greater number of line inputs in a typical MIDl studio, up to 16 at once plus 4 effect returns. Each main channel can access up to 4 effects buses, so you can use a variety of different effects (reverbs, delays, choruses etc.) on different inputs. MIDI Tape synchronization with Song Position Pointer (same as that used by the TASCAM MTS-30) is built in, so that the capabilities of MIDI sequencing can be blended with the advantages of multitrack recording. To make the 644 Midistudio easy to use, TASCAM designed an all-electronic switching system that automates all mixer routing into one central display panel.

08-13-2013, 04:25 PM
Those things can actually sound pretty damn good.

Wow, are you actually Amy? I helped Dennis Palmer mix The Gospel Album!!