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04-21-2013, 04:33 PM
Eliogabalus trade list updated 04/21/2013

AELIAN a tree under the colours Italian band Musea 1999
AFTER FOREVER decipher Transmission recprds 2001
AFTER FOREVER prison of desire Transmission records 2000
AKIN the way things end
ALFY BETZ with the imaginery orchestra (no label) US Band!!!!
ALTURA mercy Magna Carta 1996 Hard symphonic US
ANATHEMA judgement Music for nations 2006
Jon ANDERSON the more you know Purple pyramid 1998
ANEKDOTEN nucleus Virta 002 1995
ANKH ziemia I slonce rock symphony Rock symphony 1995 Polish band
AREA event ’76 on Cramps records 1979 Italian jazz-rock fusion
Craig ARMSTRONG as if to nothing 2002 Melankolic
ASIA live in Osaka 2CDs Osaka japan june 1992 DOWNES/PAYNE/HOWE/BURNS/THORNTON (Blueprint)
ASIA arena 1996 on BULLET PROOF
ATRIUM 2011 Portugal band www.atriumprogpt.com
AYREON the final experiment (2CD) Inside out 2005 a rock opera by Arjen Anthony Lucassen
André BALZER entre l'alpha & l'oméga (opus 1) ex ATOLL Musea 2011
Franco BATTIATO s/t BMG 1998 Italian artist
Franco BATTIATO L’era cinghiale bianco EMI 1979
CAIN & ABEL s/t US Band
CAIRO s/t 1994 Magna carta US band californian
CAN saw delight Virgin 1977 Deutsch band Krautrock
CARAVAN travelling ways 2CD UK band compilation 2002
Tony CARNEVALE la vita che grida Artonica 1995 Italian w/Francesco Di Giacomo vocals
CENTRICA s/t Musea Italy band 2008
CINEMA mindscape Musea Japan 2004
CLANNAD lore Atlantic Irish band folk rock celtic
COHEED & CAMBRIA in keeping secrets of silent earth:3 Equalvision/columbia US band (w/slipcase)
COHEED & CAMBRIA good apollo I'm burning star iv vol.1 (w/slipcase)
COUNTRY LANE substratum Music emporium Zwitzerland band 1973
CRISES broken glass SPV 1998 German band
CYMORYL strange evocation Musea French band 2002
DEYSS vision in the dark Musea 1987 swiss band
DGM dreamland SPV 2001 Italy band
DIXIE DREGS night of the living dregs 1979 Polydor US jazz prog w/Steve Morse
DR FOLAMOUR s/t Musea 1996 French fusion prog
DREDG el cielo US band 2002
ENCHANT Break 1998 Inside out 1998 US band
EPILOGUE Hide Cyclops 1994 UK band
ERGO SUM mixolidio 1999 Rock symphony Not the french band but Chile
FINISTERRE in limine Mellow records Italy band w/Fabio Zuffanti
FISH raingods with zippos 1999
FOUNTAIN OF TEARS s/t mental music 1999
FREDDEGREDDE thirten eight white knight records 2011 Digipack
GALLINA NEGRA similares y conexos 2001
GATHERING mandylion & bonus 2005 w/slipcase w/2CD
GAZPACHO bravo Intact 2003 Norway band
MrGIL skellig Oskar 2010 w/Mirek Gil of BELIEVE polish band
GREENSLADE bedside manners are extra WB 1973 UK band
GREY LADY DOWN the time of our lives (2CD) Cyclops UK band
GREYLEVEL hypostatic union progrock 2011 CANADA PSYCH/space rock
GROUP 1850 agemo’s trip to mother earth w/ 9 bonus tracks Rotation Netherlands band 1968
GUAPO black oni 2004 UK band RIO/avant prog
H20 due Kaliphonia 2001 Italy band
HADDAD orion Rock symphony 2000 Brazilian band
Peter HAMMILL the complete concert 2CDs enigma records 1990
HARMONIUM si on avait besoin du cinquième saison Polydor 1975 Canadian band
Steve HILLMAN convergence Cyclops 1994
Steve HOGATH & Richard BARBIERI not the weapon but the hand kScope 2012
ICONOCLASTA en concierto Phoenix 1990 Mexican band
IL CERCHIO D’ORO s/t Mellow records compilation 1999
IL BALLETTO DI BRONZO Ys Polydor 1972 Italy band
J’ACCUSE abbandono del tempo e delle forme mellow records 2007
Mike KENEALLY hat 1992 third venture multi-instrumentist US plays w/Zappa
KING CRIMSON in the wake of poseidon 1970 virgin
KING CRIMSON Lizard 1970 eg records
KING CRIMSON the construKction of light 2000 Virgin records
KING CRIMSON the power to believe 2003 Made in japan
KING CRIMSON islands eg records 1971
Philipp KOLTSOV art rock fusion 2006
LACRIMOSA angst Hall of sermons 1991 german prog metal
LACRIMOSA Einsamkeit Hall of Sermons 1992 German Prog metal
Lana LANE secret of astrology LMP 2000 US singer
LAYLA FON RIO matiz Dreaming records
LEGEND s/t pagan media ltd 1993
LEONARDO The absolute man magna carta 2001 w/Trent and Wayne Gardner
LIZARD noc zywych jaszczurow Metal mind 2003
LOCH NESS drumnadrochit Musea 1994 Psych/space rock Mexico band
MAGENTA home special edition 2 disc set w/slipcase 2006
MAGICAL POWER MAKO blue dot ALP98CD 1997 Japan band
MAJESTIC trinity overture NTS 2000 US band w/Jeff Hammel
MAN live at the padget room.. (2CD) Esoteric UK band w/Deke Leonard
MARBOSS electrotherapies Dreaming 2008 electronic music
MARGE LITCH fantasien 1998 Musea Japan band
MARILLION this strange engine 1997 RAW CD 121
MARK 1 absolute zero 2001
MARK 1 The criminalelement 2001
MARS VOLTA amputechture 2006 US band
MARS VOLTA Frances the mute 2005 US band
MASQUE flesh that understands Musea 1992 swedish
MATS/MORGAN trends and other disease prog jazz 1st album 1996
MIDDLE AGING the call ma.ra.cash records
MIZMAR musique des contes de la main gauche Musea French band jazz rock fusion
MONTAUK PROJECT ja2m rock symphony
Patrick MORAZ the story of 1976 Charisma
MOSAIC ultimatum plus Mio records 1976-1978 french band RIO/avant-prog
The MUFFINS//chronometers cuneiform 1993 US band canterbury
MYSTERY destiny 1998 unicorn records Canadian band
MZ next world will be yours MD prod 2001
NAKED SUN s/t 1991 noise records
NIGHTWISH angels fall first 1999 XIII BIS RECORDS
NIGHTWISH wishmaster limited edition 2000 XIII BIS Records
DVD-NO MAN mixtaped 2DVD
Mike OLDFIELD Voyager UK
OBLIVION SUN s/t 2007 Prophase music US band jazz prog
OSANNA Palepoli fonit cetra 1972 Italian band
PANTA REI s/t sweden band 1973 TB008
P O 98 jitters 2009 Omegatunez w/Andy Tillison
Alan PARSONS PROJECT eve 1979 Arista uk
PAST THROUGH THE MIST homesongs French
PERCEPTION s/t Mellow records 1971 French band Zeuhl
PHILARMONIE rage cuneiform 1996 French band w/Frédéric L'Epee
Anthony PHILIPS Finger painting brainworks records 1991 UK ex-Genesis
PHISH hoist elektra 1994 US band
PORCUPINE TREE stupid dream // CD+DVD w/slipcase
POVERTY'S NO CRIME on in a million Insideout 2001 german prog metal
Kurt RONGEY that was propaganda 1992 Mellow records
Kurt RONGEY book in hand 1991 Long dark music
Jordan RUDESS 4nyc live Magna carta 2001 Keyboards on Dream Theater
SAGA silent knight 2002
The SAME spoonc 1995
SBB odlot live 2004 Polish issue
Fred SCHNEIDER kess kiss bass? GW3113.AR 2005
SECRET OYSTER vidunderlige kaelling laser's edge 1975 Denmark jazz rock fusion
SANHEDRIN ever after altrock 2011 Israel band
SIEGES EVEN a sense of change 1991 SPV german metal prog
SIN ILUSIONES uno smogless records
Josef SKRZEK EAST WIND Koncert zywiolow/ scelled digipack 2009
SLEEPWALKER SUN w/slipcase special edition Masque records
SOFT MACHINE 3rd 1970 columbia
SOLO NOMADI s/t 1990 ld records
SOMBRE REPTILE in sirum mental Musea French band
SOUL CAGES s/t massacre records 1994 German prog metal
SQUACKETT a life within a day 2012
STARCASTLE s/t // 1976 japan issue on epic US band
STYX edge of the century a&m records 1990 US band
SYMPHONY X the odyssey limited edition 2002 inside out w/slipcase
TEMPEST shapeshifter Magna carta 2003 folk rock prog
TEN JINN as on a darkling plain record heaven 1999 US band
THE CHANCE s/t 1993 skydoor
THERION live in midgard nuclear blast 2002 Prog metal symphonic 2CD
THE VOW another world Musea 2001 German band
TIEMKO ocean Musea French band 1989 jazz rock fusion
TOXIC SMILES retro-tox forte 2004 german prog metal
TUONEN TUTAR a tribute to finnish prog various 2CDs mellow records
ULISES land of reptiles
ULISES III natura homo sonorus records
VIOLET SILENCE s/t /record heaven 2002 swedish band
WITHIN TEMPTATION mother earth DSFA Netherlands band 2002
Alan WHITTAKER top of the world label???? UK SINGER Ex-Moriarty
WHO live at Leeds Polydor w/bonus tracks
WHO who's next Polydor
XII ALFONSO the lost frontier Musea 1996 French band
YANG a complex nature 2004 cuneiform French band w/Frédéric L'épée
YES union 1991 arista
YETI RAIN discarnate 2006 unicorn US band prog electronic
YOCHK O SEFFER nickel keter Melodie distribution
The YOUNG PERSONS’ guide to discipline vol 2 w/K. CRIMSON/Peter HAMMILL/Adrian BELEW/Robert FRIPP and more
YUGEN labirinto d’acqua 2006 Altrock Italy band RIO/Avant-garde/jazz rock
Lee ABRAHAM Idle noise Oskar 2008 (Steve Kingman) digipack sealed
ALKIMYA the other side Brennus music 2007 prog metal from France digipack
ALPHATAURUS 1st vinyl magic Italian band 1973 mini lp
AMON DUUL II made in germany SPV 2008 german band digipack
BLACK NOODLE PROJECT and live goen on...in Poland Oskar 2009 CD+DVD digipack
FINISTERRE storybook recorded live during the Progday festival Chapel hill NC aug. 31, 1997 digipack
KING OF AGOGIK from A to A Saustark records 2011 German band digipack
MAGNUM Princess Alice and the broken arrow SPV 2007 CD+DVD 2007 UK band digipack
Josef SKRZEK EAST WIND Koncert zywiolow 2009 Polish band digipack sealed
TWENTY FOUR HOURS oval dreams Musea 1999 Italian band papersleeve
UMPHREY'S MCGEE Mantis SCI FIDELITY 2009 US band mini lp
VARTTINA micro real world 2006 digipack