View Full Version : Benefit sale for friend who was victim of Sandy

Rune Blackwings
11-09-2012, 08:57 AM
I have a friend who lost her home in Sandy. So, I would like to raise some money by taking any profit I get from my prints and give it to her so she and her husband can rebuild her home. There are five prints all together:
Black Wings 1.jpgBlack Wings 4.jpgwolf.jpgchemikillerdevil.jpgin the court of the dwarven king35.jpg

They are 15$ each and are as follows
Black Wings-Rune and Carmen (ltd 500)
Black Wings-Wasteland (ltd 500)
Wolf (ltd 500)
Heraldic Jersey Devil (ltd 250)
In the Court of the Dwarven King (ltd 500)

Please contact me either PM or at shadowkell@earthlink.net for further information or to order. i take Paypal...