View Full Version : I've Started a New Music Substack Newsletter - Prog, Rock, Pop, etc.

12-11-2020, 03:59 PM
Hi everyone,

Some of you may remember me from such prog rock radio shows as Epic Prog with The Lurker and The Healing Colors of Sound, or from such festivals as ROSfest, 3RP, and CalProg.

I've started a new music newsletter (titled "Michael's Record Collection") as a place to publish my music writing. It's in its infancy at this point, but anything on my personal website about music is on there and I've recently added reviews of the latest releases from Blackfield, AC/DC, and Bruce Springsteen and expect to ramp up the frequency of posts. I've also reached out to some musicians with the intent of adding interviews (particularly about special album or breakout anniversaries). There will also be opinion, the ever-popular (to hate) rankings/listicle-type articles, perhaps some music-related book reviews, and more.

This is free and will remain free on a basic level, although I am hopeful that I can eventually add a subscription tier for additional content if the demand is there and I can ever afford to devote more time to it. And I aim to not just keep all the "good stuff" behind any eventual subscription paywall. All who sign up will get a free new "episode" at least every other week. Sometimes it will be more often.

If you're inclined to give me a shot, please sign up for your free account here: https://michaellikestowrite.substack.com/

If you like what you see, please stay. If not, I wish you well and thank you for giving it a shot. What's up right now isn't as in depth as where things are headed (and, btw, if you're a musician on this forum you're probably going to get an interview request at some point). :D But it will give you an idea of my writing style.

12-18-2020, 02:30 PM
My latest newsletter is a review of Daniel Tompkins' "Ruins" album: https://michaellikestowrite.substack.com/p/review-daniel-tompkins-ruins

Thanks to any of you who have checked out the newsletter and/or have signed up (for free!).