View Full Version : Join PE NFL Pick'em and Survival Leagues

Poisoned Youth
09-04-2014, 08:36 AM
Hey all,

So sorry for late start on this. I have renewed the PE Pick'em league and Survival league from last year and it looks like several of the regulars have signed back up.

You will have to sign up TODAY before tonight's game (again sorry), but if you want to join up and add to the fray, here are the links and password information for both.

For PE Pick'em, very simple, you just pick each team you think will win each matchup just like in office pools.


On the right you'll see an entry for User ID and Password.

Group ID#: 46322
Group Password: marillion

For PE Survival, you pick just one game and pick the winner each week. The twist, once you pick a team (say Broncos) you cannot pick them again in subsequent weeks. If you win that pick, you survive to the next week. If you don't, you get a strike. 3 strikes and you're out (wait, this isn't baseball...).


Group ID#: 23425
Group Password: oingoboingo

Currently we have about 15 in each league. Remember join today. Good luck everyone!