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  1. What kinds of strings do you use?
  2. Music Man guitars?
  3. Tell Us About Your Gear- Or Even Show Us!
  4. Tell Us About Your Phases As A Player/Performer/Artist
  5. Home Recording Thread- Gear/Tips/Troubleshooting
  6. Performace Thread- Tell us about your notable ones and ones you have seen
  8. Prog Band with Independent record label looking for a Frontman/Vocalist
  9. 3RDegree looking for NYC area Lead Guitarist
  10. digital painting
  11. VISUAL ARTISTS Graphic Arts, Fine Arts, Etc. Also Welcome In This Forum
  12. Drummer/Singer in Santa Cruz Area Wanted
  13. Fripp's tone
  14. Keyboardist Needed For Prog Rock Band in NJ/Philadelphia
  15. Sonuus Wahoo
  16. Equipment Non-Purchases That You Regret
  17. Equipment That You Sold and Regret
  18. Portrait of a '64 Fender Stratocaster
  19. Anyone interested in some collabs?
  20. The Kemper Profiling Amplifier - A must see guitar players
  21. Buddha Machine
  22. Who here is still releasing new music?
  23. What music have you been playing lately?
  24. Guitar/amp combo for a beginner
  25. Composing music
  26. This is my home-recorded album
  27. Keyboard vsts
  28. Any harmonica players here?
  29. Mastering Techniques Required For Commercial Success?
  30. Guitar tuners
  31. Touring Realities -- The View from Fish
  32. Chords for Hackett's How Can I
  33. free/cheap MIDI editor software?
  34. Music Which You Still Find Tricky to Play
  35. 'lectric bass
  36. It feels good when...
  37. Pickups?
  38. Coated Guitar Strings Question
  39. Cover art artists.
  40. HELP - Reaper Crashing in Windows 7 - using M-Audio Fast Track Pro as Interface
  41. GTR Amp: Peavey Valveking 212 Question
  42. How much digital editing is there on studio drum tracks?
  43. Quandary
  44. What are your stumblig blocks to finishing a song?
  45. My first track needs review..PLEASE..spare some time !!!!
  46. Fuzz pedals
  47. New band photos
  48. Terrible advice for musicians
  49. Guitar Tips and Lessons for a Beginner?
  50. Easiest DAW Software for Beginners
  51. The Gabriel Construct - Interior City
  52. Music Promotion
  53. finger picks
  54. Things helping to promote a band
  55. Chapman Stick - go for it?
  56. Analog Summing
  57. Writing bass lines
  58. More utterly useless advice for musicians
  59. Studio monitor suggestions under $600
  60. Yamaha MOX6
  61. Recording Guitar
  62. YzAk - feedback needed
  63. Anyone going to Sweetwater gearfest?
  64. New Bliss Bomb Music Video
  65. A 2013 Prog-Rock Composition
  66. New drummer seeking 70's prog/fuzion band to get involved with
  67. Capital District/Central NY area Classic Prog Tribute needs Guitarist
  68. Guitar nut replacement help.
  69. Brandnew : Kemper Profiling Amp - Metall Pack
  70. I'm selling my T5 - Whats a fair price to ask?
  71. Oscar Schmidt acoustic bass guitar
  72. Grey Lady Down looking for new vocalist
  73. Free Effect VST's for Sonar?
  74. Can't load plugin in ProTools
  75. New project from digestif - seeking feedback from prog musicians & composers
  76. Please Review this guitar tone
  77. Sons first album
  78. Rock / Studio project seeking vocalist
  79. Strat knock-offs vs the real thing?
  80. Portable Recorders & Windows 8 (Zoom H2, et al)
  81. How important is a perfect mix today?
  82. Porcupine Tree - Anesthetize Cover
  83. Totally unbelievable "advice"
  84. New Project
  85. Looking for an artist
  86. LinkedIn
  87. In-ear Monitors
  88. I fell in love with the Telecaster
  89. plz lend ur ears to my new singles
  90. Carving Colours
  91. Whammy bar technique
  92. Allan Holdsworth let me baby sit his rig!
  93. How to make a living touring with your band! Part 1-booking
  94. 50 bucks if u tell me how to get this drums sound from a strat!
  95. City Of Ifa
  96. Piano Transcription for "The Bridge"?
  97. Inkenstein's (Superfly) Art
  98. Multi-instrumentalists
  99. another lame attempt at spam
  100. Getting in touch with the right people at a label
  101. Neal Morse undergoes organ transplant
  102. Bliss Bomb New Album
  103. Far From Your Sun - In the beginning was the emotion
  104. Digital Amp Modelling vs VA Synthesis
  105. Ever notice the similarities between the Rush "Starman" logo, and Giger's ELP logo?
  106. Five Numbers (EP)
  107. Ilvcia - In The Nature Of Reason (CD) - 2013
  108. Marillion - Sounds That Can't Be Filmed Video Submissions
  109. how to market your music
  110. assiistance w/Audacity please
  111. A little help with choosing a Fender Bass
  112. MIDI Questions
  113. Cool Guitar Lesson!
  114. Ampledeed need a bass player!
  115. Any Bands/ Artists interested in using some of my artwork?
  116. Guitar Players`Picks
  117. On bass
  118. Any Prog Practitioners Around Phoenix AZ?
  119. Project/Object
  120. Ten Musicians Who Inspired/Influenced You and Why
  121. AVID Eleven GTR Processor
  122. Sound Of Contact: Pale Blue Dot drum cover
  123. Bitwig Released
  124. Wavepad
  125. Vintage Drum show in Luzern Switzerland Saturday !
  126. Nick Magnus on a quest for the spooky sounding eletronic Martenot
  127. Headphones
  128. Question about learning to read music for specific instruments
  129. Blog about recording - with a prog slant
  130. A different perspective on your mixes...
  131. Gordon Giltraps new facebook page
  132. Any Graphic Artists?
  133. Any amateur animators on here?
  134. Jazz Solo Transcriptions
  135. Guitar exercises
  136. Prints available
  137. Leeward Fate - Long White Robe video premiere
  138. Carvin guitar amps?
  139. A bit of rehearsal footage from my band Anubis Gate.
  140. Starcastle
  141. Cocoon - preview of my first prog album.
  142. NONE MORE BLACK - the new album by Isaac Baranoff, only $1
  143. The Music Muddle returns with more unsuitable advice
  144. Dark Lounge : Death of a Child
  145. 1905 Electronic Synthesizer for Auction
  146. Latest addition to the "Family"
  147. Anyone using logic pro x?
  148. Music Looking For A Home
  149. Figure It Out - DRUM VIDEO
  150. Hi Res Music?
  151. A Visit To Chigwick
  152. Logic vs Pro Tools for Music
  153. Protect your content!
  154. Just got an e drum set and made this one man band selfie :-)
  155. Question for Left-Handed Guitarists and Bassists
  156. Kids learning guitar. Right or left handed?
  157. Electric guitar tips
  158. My custom-made bass from start to finish
  159. Advice needed-Not prog-should I continue on this course?
  160. CAN YOU SING? Contest by David Singleton (The Vicar)
  161. can you help me to define the genre of this song!?
  162. East coast band searching for permanent drummer
  163. Gigantic Basses
  164. Gigs in France (Paris, northern)-advice?
  165. Gigs in southern Germany (Stuttgart, etc.)-advice?
  166. I Fell in Love With Baritone Guitars
  167. Near Field Monitors
  168. Wagner Fusion
  169. Frost cover.
  170. Davy O'List brand new album Second Thoughts and Tour
  171. Throw away-sell ALL your amps
  172. Your Friendly Neighborhood Alan Holdsworth Chordal Cheatsheet
  173. Windows Tablet DAW recommendations
  174. Citranomicon
  175. The Ever-Expanding Gear Thread
  176. The Uke Thread
  177. Roland JD-XA
  178. Native Chinese speak
  179. Building dual-manual “organ” MIDI controller
  180. Getting a LOT of Session Calls again
  181. Casually Abandoned - my work, abandoned on the internet.
  182. KiNG LLAMA is new to ProgEars!
  183. Anyone want to start a prog band?
  184. Best seat for playing guitar
  185. Keith Richards says "Prog Ears ROCKS!"
  186. BassNW in Seattle - RIP
  187. Good sites to meet potential recording collaborators??
  188. London Prog band?
  189. Eloy Tribute Video
  190. Relish Guitars Switzerland New Entrepreneurs Award 2015
  191. Marillion vs. Beastie Boys
  192. Steve Howe's 1950 Fender Broadcaster for sale
  193. Bass player needed for established 1970s Genesis tribute
  194. Tube amp suggestions
  195. iPad Recording
  196. Lead singer for Genesis tribute
  197. Guitarist looking for long term collaborators
  198. Amazing House Hunting Find!
  199. Hey Buddy, can you spare $40,000 ? Martin Barre Les Paul for Sale
  200. How I built a large following on SoundCloud
  201. Advent seeking new bassist ASAP (central New Jersey, USA)
  202. Software for M-Audio keyboard?
  203. Digital/Computer recording...what you using?? (a simple survey)
  204. Emerson Lake & Palmer tribute guitar/vocal...
  205. Keith Emerson tribute: Fanfare for an Uncommon Man
  206. Buying & Selling on Reverb.com
  208. As a Musician, Is It Better To Think More Like You Were Younger?
  209. Earthquaker Devices hand made in little Swiss village in Akron Ohio
  210. Arturia Minibrute...
  211. Post your new music videos here
  212. Need to export my CD's back into .wav files? - What software is needed?
  213. Clavinet VST ???
  214. I just started working on putting together a Rush tribute band
  215. What motivates you to contribute professionally with your music?
  216. New Minimoog Model D Reissue from Moog Music
  217. Arturia V Collection 5!
  218. Harpsichord/celeste VSTs?
  219. UK based Emerson, Lake & Palmer tribute looking for a 'Greg"...
  220. New guitar- I'm loving this Fender CLASSICAL? Early Father's Day Present!
  221. Keyboard question
  222. Pat Martino has freedom
  223. CD-R problem
  224. Anyone here using Har-Bal mastering software?
  225. Opeth - Sorceress (Guitar Cover)
  226. A few guitars from famous Artists for sale
  227. My latest project......
  228. Any guitar players and vocalist up for collaboration.?
  229. Progressive Rock Radios? Magazines? Blogs?
  230. The Best Whammy Bar System You've Never Heard Of
  231. Digital Paintings by Robert Burger aka The Gak Omek
  232. New Album from James
  233. Anyone Like To Play "Greg" in UK ELP Tribute...?
  234. Ever heard of Ari Eisinger?
  235. What is the Gold-Standard for a Home Recording Setup?
  236. Holy Crap....I actually got signed to a record label
  237. Devin Townsend creating a song from scratch (almost) in a 2-hour video
  238. Synthesizer Gear Porn ;-)
  239. Guitar soloing questions
  240. Tablature: Why is it upside down?
  241. Looking for a potential new gimmick to "sell music"...
  242. Lead Guitarist wanted for prog band in Austin, TX
  243. Bass Help
  244. Looking for a great-sounding (free) VST for recorders
  245. Anyone ever used Garage Band?
  246. Using cheap home keyboards as MIDI controllers
  247. Keyboard Players... best beginner Keyboard?
  248. If you knew guitars but had not yet owned an electric...
  249. Anybody Want to Make Experimental/Heavy Prog in Chicago?
  250. Anyone need a singer for your project?