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Thread: Electronic Meditation on CKCU

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    Electronic Meditation on CKCU


    Last night's show, about Tangerine Dream and Edgar Froese:


    Thieves' Kitchen interview:
    Necromonkey interview:



    Hello people, I'm still alive as it turns out.

    For anyone who cares what I'm up to these days, or even if you don't, I've just started up a radio show at CKCU FM in Ottawa. It's every alternating Thursday from midnight to 2 AM, but you can stream it on demand. The link to the first broadcast is here:

    If CKCU sounds familiar, it's because Mark Keill has been hosting Infinite Ceiling there for 11 years, most recently on Thursday nights. You can stream all his stuff on demand too, so consider checking it out sometime (

    My show's really about whatever happens to be hitting my ear, but obviously progressive rock is a big part of my history so it will be fairly prominent. In the interests of not being obnoxious, I'll only update this thread when there's a new show (so, every couple of weeks).

    That's enough for now so peace...
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    Hello man - how's it going !!!
    It's always a good night when the "heat" shows up ~Pepe

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    Can't complain, still spinning around that big ball of fire. Glad to see you are too .

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    Chyll Mcfee.

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    I thought you were done with this place... Good to see you here and hope to run into you at a show at some point, though I barely make it out to prog events anymore...
    "Corn Flakes pissed in. You ranted. Mission accomplished. Thread closed."

    -Cozy 3:16-

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    Hey Sean,

    Hopefully you'll be playing a lot of Canadian prog stuff on your radio show, just to exceed the CanCon limits
    my music collection increased tenfolds when I switched from heroin-addicts to crazy ones

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    Yves: I am done with the cut and thrust. I don't want to say more about that. I also think that there wasn't much for me to contribute once I was no longer involved in "the scene". It kind of seemed like anything I wanted to talk about, it would be the same 4-5 people who would participate and we already knew every artist that got brought up, so there was no benefit to anyone else. This thing... maybe a few people will listen to it and discover something cool they didn't know about. At least when you listen it's more participatory than reading a thread full of names. And maybe there's more opportunity for interaction, because if someone wants to hear a particular thing they can ask for it to be included on a show.

    Hugues: I'll be at 35%+ as required. This will be an average so individual shows may go under. I do want to avoid playing Maneige every second show or just being a whore for ProgQuebec, so I'm going to try and mix in a lot of styles and interesting music. I'll also probably be on a regular quest for Canadian music that fits into the experimental/electronic/avant/prog/psych buckets. I don't know how often I will be able to play anything Canadian that you like and haven't already heard, but I will give it a shot.

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    There are dozens of Quebecois bands stioll not on ProgQuebec (namely the amazing Dionne-Brégent duo on XXI label)

    But I'd have thought that there is enough Canadian prog to easily achieve above that 35% CanCon limit, without much repetition before your show is two years-old

    Anyway, best to you and great luck...

    EDIT: ooooops, I checked out your link and see that you've planned plenty of Dionne-Brégent...
    my music collection increased tenfolds when I switched from heroin-addicts to crazy ones

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    Quote Originally Posted by smcfee View Post
    Listening now... and you can too by going to the link above and click on the massive big blue listen now button.

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    Oops, I did it again.

    Lots of Charles Kaczynski tonight. Also for anyone who really likes violin, the hour before I covered for free jazz show Rabble Without a Cause, and there's plenty of sax and violince there.

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    Tonight's program, with an all-vinyl theme:

    Lots of vinyl-only Berlin school or similar electronic music tonight. You can listen at the link posted any time on-demand (or live, if you read this in the next 45 minutes). If you like what you hear or would like to hear something else, drop me a line.

    Note that all past programs can also be listened to at the CKCU web-site, by clicking on my program name (Electronic Meditation).

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    Tonight's program was taken up in large part by a feature on Charles Hayward. You can listen to it here:

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    Hi guys, another two weeks means another show. Featuring a few cuts from the German Second Battle label and other good stuff. You can listen here:

    Also, right before I did a show featuring some music with the late Charlie Haden:

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    Tonight I have a special on British group Theives' Kitchen, now at work on their sixth studio album. Will include an interview with Phil Mercy, some music that influenced him, and a very healthy dose of Thieves' Kitchen music from the beginning to now. at Midnight EDT, as always.

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    Last night's show is now available for streaming here:

    As a bonus, I did an hour of Brazilian avant-jazz the hour before, which can be heard here:

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    Last night's show featured a lengthy interview with Mattias Olsson of Necromonkey as well as a bunch of music from their two albums and other related tunes.

    Now available for streaming:

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    Last night's show, with new material from Knifeworld, Node, Motorpsycho, Musk Ox, ROME, and New Pornographers, among other nice things.

    Now available for streaming:

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    This week's show, which had a lot of German stuff, but also a reasonable amount of non-German stuff. I only said "um" 37 times, but you will want to count along to double-check. I said at least one funny thing and ten stupid things while trying to be funny. I encourage you to listen.

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    This week's show was a humdinger, a barn-burner, and a slobberknocker rolled up into one. With Edgar Froese, Catherine Ribeiro, Node, Redshift, Radio Massacre International, Mahogany Frog, and more!

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    Thank you!
    Steve F.

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    please add 'imo' wherever you like, to avoid offending those easily offended.

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    Thank YOU for putting it out in the first place.

    This week's program was entirely from vinyl. Some of these are now on CD, many not yet. Featuring a strong French presence, in particular the letter "Z".

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    From the show name, is it a safe bet that you also present electronic music? What sort?

    Bill Fox
    Personal Website

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    Hi Bill,

    A good percentage of what I play is electronic music, usually synthesizer-based. The second half of the show I just did was entirely electronic; Space Art, Zanov, Zadri & Mo, and Zed.

    Previously I've played Tangerine Dream, Klaus Schulze, Pascal Languirand, Laza Ristovski, Node, Redshift, Radio Massacre International, Edgar Froese, Wolfgang Bock, Terry Riley, Dionne-Brégent and solo Michel-Georges Brégent, Heldon, Georges Grunblatt, Didier Bocquet, and some others that aren't coming immediately to mind.

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    Last night's program was a tribute to other CKCU programs as we head into funding drive.

    You can donate to CKCU (and Electronic Meditation) at the following link:

    Link to last night's show, which like all other shows can be listened to free and on-demand:


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