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Thread: Good Rats - Peppi dead at 68 - R.I.P.

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    Good Rats - Peppi dead at 68 - R.I.P.

    I just heard that the main man of the Good Rats, Peppi Marchello is dead!
    Long time Long Island mainstays on the club circuit since 1965, the Rats had a dedicated following and were well known in the NYC & East coast area.
    Peppi passed away yesterday at the age of 68. My condolences to his family and fellow band members....
    I last saw them play at a JEM records reunion in NJ last year, and the Rats were as great as ever!
    R.I.P. mate... you will be missed!

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    I grew up on Long Island and listened to lots of shows on WLIR, but never listened to The Good Rats back in the day.
    Sad news even though I wasn't a fan.

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    The Good Rats were a great live band and saw them many times, you'd never knew where they'd be playing.
    They could be opening for Mountain or playing at a bowling alley in New Jersey. Their albums Tasty and Rat City in blue
    We're great. I am sorry to hear the news.

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    Fan here as well..... sorry to hear this news. RIP Pepp!

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    I just saw them about a month ago or so(part of their show anyway). I was sort of roped into seeing them and wasn't that impressed but this is sad news anyway. RIP.

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    This was a shock to everybody as he was "on the mend" and the band was scheduled to play on L.I. this Sunday. I have many fond memories of seeing the Good Rats on Long Island in my teens and early 20's. Great live band, great fun, great times. They even had Bruce Kulick play guitar before he went on to Kiss. Peppi was loved by everyone and leaves 4 kids and 8 grandkids. He used to air guitar with an aluminum baseball bat on stage, years before this air guitar thing was so huge. Gonna spin "Tasty" in his memory.
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    My band, Myriad, got to perform with The Good Rats, in a newer version of the infamous, My Father's Place, years back, and I spent some time talking with Peppi. He was an all around nice guy who was both very informative, and very complimentary. That evening, after our set, he said to me, "I don't know what you guys normally sound like, but, tonight, you sounded f'kin awesome".

    The Good Rats have played continually here in NY, year after year. R.I.P., to one of the good guys!


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    Posted this in "OT" section because the Rats were not "prog".

    But I did see them open for Rush on the Hemispheres tour at Nassau Coliseum!! John "The Cat" Gatto had a wireless guitar (big deal at the time) and disappeared from the stage during a long solo and then reappeared in a doorway at the top row of the arena with a spotlight on him as he was wailing away!
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    Oh sad news indeed, one of the GREAT voices of rock. Saw them a ton when I was a kid in CT. They always showed up to play. Always put on a great, fun show. Air guitar/baseball bat and a beat up garbage can full of rubber rats. He played that thing like a cow bell! Saw the Rush tour as well, and made sure the knuckleheads I went with got there on time to support the Rats.

    Their jeeps plate was Rat On...bon voyage dude...thanks for the memories. Rat On.

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    Saw them 30 years ago in a club in Albany, NY. Fun show.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Obscured View Post
    This was a shock to everybody as he was "on the mend"
    Was he ill? I hadn't heard anything.

    The Good Rats were arguably prog on "Birth Comes To Us All" which had contributions from (I believe) Larry Fast and Manfred Mann.

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    RIP Peppi - I will miss your voice very much! Your music has been with me and a part of me for over 35 years. Thank you for all the great songs and that VERY expressive voice

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    I had the opportunity to work with Peppi and he was a class act. "Tasty" is indeed a classic. RIP. My condolences to Mickey, Gene, and the entire family.

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    Bummer. they were the ultimate bar band.

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    Why is it whenever someone mentions an artist that was clearly progressive (yet not the Symph weenie definition of Prog) do certain people feel compelled to snort "thats not Prog" like a whiny 5th grader?

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    I saw these guys in Westchester many years ago and they were awesome. Sad to read this. I discovered this through one of FB friends who grew up on these guys she even played one of their more radio friendly or known songs on her show.
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    RIP Injun Joe...
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