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Second, I knew a lot of hilariously famous "dark metal" mavericks from growing up in Fana and going to school with them in Rådalen; Kristian Vikernes, for example. Knowing them personally, I think I actually might have played it somewhat safe in determining the "pity" of their approach to existential lore. For instance in the instinct of interpreting half-notes as "sounding evil", black capes as "signalling evil", corpse paint as "looking evil", and even the trait of preferring chocolate milk over ordinary milk and Coca-Cola over beer - as being tokens of "evil", seeing as dark colours obviously signal "evil".
Seriously, these chaps thought it was more Satanic to drink Coke than beer because it's...closer to black? That is one of the funnier things I've read recently. Somebody shoulda told the knuckleheads about Guinness. Taken in quantity it could also have given them some Baphometic bowel-movements.

I've always cracked a smile at the cover of Heresie and felt the humour was fully intentional and intrinsic. I hadn't thought about it coming from Roger, but it does make sense.