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Thread: FEATURED ALBUM: Tipographica - S/T

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    ^ Wow, you actually got to hear it? For a few years in the 90s, John Zorn ran a short-lived label next to Tzadik called Avant, and he released this one and the incredible Dying Ground album there (along with stuff like his own Naked City projects and the wonderful Blind Idiot God). It's exceedingly hard to fin nowadays, but if it's to be heard on YT or bandcamp that's a triumph. Tenko has pretty much retired from recording, although she performs on occasion. And that kid she had with Fred Frith is apparently in a kind of avant/math-rock group! According to his dad anyway...
    "Improvisation is not an excuse for musical laziness" - Fred Frith
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    Quote Originally Posted by Scrotum Scissor View Post
    ^ Wow, you actually got to hear it?
    No problems with that. Thanks for the heads up.

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    ^ ^^ ^^^ For the curious:

    “your ognna pay pay with my wrath of ballbat”

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    ^ my source is different, but yours is also convincing

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    I just heard the s/t one today for the first time. Really love it. It's much warmer and organic than God Says...

    The guitarist sounds a lot like Zappa, probably more so than any other guitarist I've heard.

    I'm glad that God Says... is different and more angular, at least to my ears. Shows a real progression in that they weren't nearly so Zappa-centric.

    A great band. Sorry they didn't keep at it.

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    Remember to check out Imahoris Unbeltipo

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    Quote Originally Posted by Steve F. View Post
    Nick Didkovsky of Doctor Nerve saw them when he was on tour in Japan. Lucky mf....
    He actually played with them.

    Around 1996 or so, Didkovsky had a series of gigs in Tokyo (five nights or so) where he shared bill / did joint playing with different Japanese musicians each night, and Tipographica appeared on one of those nights.

    BTW, the other Japanese musicians appeared on those gigs were, Happy Family, Isso Yukihiro Group (one track from this gigs appears on "Every Screaming Ear"), Fujieda Mamoru、Makigami Koichi IIRC.

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    I am into another massive Nipponese binge, and I'm being blown to pieces by Altered States. A very different guitar style altogether, but Kazuhisa Uchihashi is out of this fucking world.
    That debut of theirs could also apply to more traditional proggers, particularly fans of King Crimson.


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