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Thread: R.I.P. Paul Raymond (UFO)

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    R.I.P. Paul Raymond (UFO)

    Sad to hear this - Paul was currently on the UFO "Last Orders 50th Anniversary" tour and was to be in the lineup for the upcoming USA tour dates. This is the message posted today:

    Hi to all the fans and people who knew Paul! This is Sandra, Paul's life partner speaking: With a desperate and broken heart, fully in tears and pains that feel like they will kill me I have to tell you that my most beautiful and beloved darling Paul Raymond has passed away today. The doctors we're trying to reanimate him and with success at first but then his system shot down again and there was nothing more they could do for him, he died of a heart attack.

    He absolutely enjoyed the last couple of weeks touring with UFO in the UK & Ireland and he was looking forward to the rest of this year's tour.

    This photo was taken last Wednesday when we checked out of our last hotel before coming back to Germany!

    I will always love him and I hope he will rest in piece until I'll see him again on the other side!!!

    I love you so much Paul 💔😪 Sandra

    A couple photos of Paul in action from the UFO shows over the last couple of weeks:

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    RIP, the only time I ever saw UFO was at a taping for the Don Kirschner Rock Concert series around 1975...

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    Shit, this sucks. I have been a UFO fan since 1979, but never had the chance to see them. Going to spin "Strangers In The Night" today.
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    Rest in peace, Paul. He played in UFO and Savoy Brown, two bands I have loved for decades. A big loss to music. Condolences to Sandra.
    Can this be the swan song? The final elbow?

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    He started here:

    Macht das ohr auf!


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    He was also in MSG, that's him playing rhythm guitar and keyboards on One Night At Budokan.

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    That sucks! I met Paul once, very nice bloke. Guy was a rockstar and sadly they are all leaving, the older the rest of us get. Loved his rockstar hair that probably hadn't changed in decades, liked his guitar-playing but really loved what he came up with and how he played keyboards.
    Don't be the majority of old, boring fkucks. Go out and see some shows, support those who still bring you joy before we're all dead.

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    Sad to hear this. I saw Paul with UFO several times. Itís always a shock when you hear of someone passing who didnít seem ill at all. Just goes to remind us that tomorrowís not a given. RIP Paul. Iíve been a UFO fan since Phenomenon came out. They still rock live.

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    Paul wrote this one:
    and he co-wrote this one:

    and then there's this:
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    Paul had quite the music career; facinating really who he played with throughout the years. Also lead vocalist in a couple of his early bands. Once replacing Christine McVee way back in the day.

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    Sad news, I saw Paul with MSG way back when, a great musician. Rest in peace, never forgotton.

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    I'd rather remember his Savoy Shack and Chicken Brown days than his U.M.F.S.O.G. days , tbh

    RIP, though.
    my music collection increased tenfolds when I switched from heroin-addicts to crazy ones


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