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Thread: Beat Circus playing live shows

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    Beat Circus playing live shows

    Good Afternoon ~

    New England based band Beat Circus has a new release AND is playing some live shows. Thanks to Canadian music friend Dave Astley for the heads up. Interesting, 'somewhat' in a similar ballpark as Jack o the Clock, and one time associated with Mr. 'F' and Cuneiform I do believe!?

    I'm going to attend the show in Portland, Maine a week from tomorrow. Here are the performance dates etc.

    Spring 2019 These Wicked Things Tour

    Mar 22 Fri
    The Apohadion Theater
    Portland, ME, United States
    Tickets RSVP

    Mar 23 Sat
    Once Ballroom
    Count ZeroJaggeryEmperor Norton's Stationary Marching Band
    Somerville, MA, United States
    Tickets RSVP

    Mar 29 Fri
    Kung Fu Necktie
    Gringo MotelThe Rectors
    Philadelphia, PA, United States
    Tickets RSVP

    Mar 30 Sat
    The Windup Space
    QuattracentaHoly Fingers
    Baltimore, MD, United States
    Tickets RSVP

    Mar 31 Sun
    Emily Rodgers
    Pittsburgh, PA, United States
    Tickets RSVP

    Apr 1 Mon
    Cafe Bourbon Street
    Suffering, Praying Hands
    Columbus, OH, United States

    Apr 2 Tue
    Blockhouse Bar
    Bloomington, IN, United States

    Apr 3 Wed
    The Empty Bottle
    The ClaudettesThe Lonesome Organist
    Chicago, IL, United States
    Tickets RSVP

    Apr 4 Thu
    The Happy Dog
    Arms & Armour
    Cleveland, OH, United States
    Tickets RSVP

    Apr 5 Fri
    Outer Limits Lounge
    DuendeThe Gaslights
    Hamtramck, MI, United States

    Apr 6 Sat
    The Baby G
    Friendly RichClara Engel
    Toronto, Canada
    Tickets RSVP

    Apr 7 Sun
    L'Escogriffe Cafe Bar
    Red Mass
    Montréal, Canada

    Apr 11 Thu
    The Parlour
    Providence, RI, United States

    Apr 25 Thu
    National Sawdust
    Brooklyn, NY, United States
    Tickets RSVP

    Should be a nice evening out for some of us here!

    Carry On
    Chris Buckley
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    They’re here and have been listed here for several months
    Steve F.

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    Good Day Folks!

    Hahaahahaa… and you thought that this thread was dead. Brian Carpenter and his group Beat Circus put on a fine, yet shortish, performance at a small little club in Portland, Maine. I give those involved with the Apohadion Theater a nod as my understanding is that they bring in some rather interesting performers. The place is small.... reminded me of Orion in some ways, but unfortunately only 20-30 people enjoying the show. That evening was the release of 'These Wicked Things' the third Beat Circus release.

    Relative big collective of musicians on the stage. Guitars, Banjo, Drums, Violin, Viola, Bass Saxophone (that being one BIG instrument), vocals and Upright Bass. Three females and four males. Beat Circus, although leaning heavier with the 'Americana', certainly reminded me somewhat of Jack O the Clock and/or Brian Woodbury Variety Orchestra, and even a bit of Alex Redfearn and the Eyesores. Redfearn had contributed to some earlier Beat Circus.

    The show featured about half new compositions and the rest from the two earlier releases. I would say that the new compositions are a bit 'heavier' and slightly less Americana lean. Not such a bad thing for my ears! Standouts of the evening were two of the women, Violin and Viola players, who not only played some seriously fine notes between them... and also opposed to each other. Delightful vocals from them as well. Brian Carpenter has an interesting singing voice. Slightly 'sandpapered' and definitely I consider joyfully quirky at that! Carpenter, guitar and vocals, the main writer, had the Zappa 'as conductor' at times thing going and it served the other six musicians and presentation well. I do think that the Bass Saxophone gave the beloved Bassoon a decent challenge that evening!

    Strong musicians all for sure. Fine compositions as well. Carpenters another involvement, Ghost Train Orchestra, is another collective/band I would surely enjoy seeing live sometime! The man is good in a very positive way. I do think that Beat Circus would go over VERY well on the ProgDay stage.

    Please consider taking a Beat Circus show in. Hard to be disappointed.!

    Carry On

    Chris Buckley
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