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Thread: Steven Wilson VS Greta Van Fleet

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    ^I must agree. 'Irony' doesn't explain the continued huge sales of ABBA/Queen's greatest hits albums in the UK.

    Quote Originally Posted by Richard View Post
    He also put down Warren Zevon (at the Carborro show). More-so along the lines that neither he nor his band had ever heard of him so he couldn't have been any good type of thing.
    I find that hard to believe on his part. Zevon is not exactly obscure.

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    I think maybe Steve Wilson has an over-inflated view of his importance to modern music.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sean View Post
    Define "talking shit". Nobody has yet to say SW is "abysmal".
    I know, you guys have only said the most polite things about both artists here.

    Quote Originally Posted by Sean View Post
    PS Have you even seen the voluminous threads at FB on this same subject? We are being quite articulate and kind in comparison.
    Sounds charming. No I haven't.

    Quote Originally Posted by Sean View Post
    Steven, is that you?? Shouldn't you be working on something instead of reading this stuff?
    C'mon Sean, again: I'm not defending Wilson. I'm being a dick about internet culture. I thought that would be clear by now.

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    Yep, if Wilson saw this thread he would sneer at us for having nothing better to do than sneering at him for sneering at GVF. As the inventor of the internet was bemoaning the other day, this is our dysfunctional future

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    Quote Originally Posted by Plasmatopia View Post
    For the record I have nothing against either artist and I think SW should just ignore GVF if he doesn't like 'em.
    My feelings exactly

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    Okay, here's the thing, since I've already established myself as a dick here I may as well keep going:

    This works: "It's my opinion, and you should ignore it if you don't like it."
    This does not: "It is my opinion that if you don't like something you should not express an opinion about it."

    If you need the problem with the latter explained to you, I don't even know where to start.

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    All right, enough!

    No point in going on and on about this. Since it is all over FB I figured we would have a discussion about it too. If I hadn't started the thread then someone else would have and maybe with a less optimistic angle than the one I provided. It wouldn't surprise me if someone still did that that missed this one.

    The moral is, love one another. Rise above. Support younger musicians and use the wisdom us older folks have to inspire them, not tear them down. Original or not. I'm happy for GvF's success even if I don't care about their music. I think most of us are just going, "Gee, SW, why do you even go there?", we expected him to take the high road. Maybe we expected too much or maybe he will come forth and say that he was part of some big fake news smear campaign. Stay tuned....


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