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Thread: Top Ten All Time Favorite Concerts

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    Top Ten All Time Favorite Concerts

    Saw the Neal Morse Band Friday night and was blown away. Thinking the show was definitely in my Top Ten
    All Time favorite Concerts. It's hard to choose from hundreds of concerts, but here's mine.

    1 ELP and Humble Pie Hollywood Bowl July 19th 1971
    2 Genesis and Flash Watford Town Hall June 28th 1972
    3 Yes with Wakeman Whisky A Go Go November 3rd 1971
    4 Neal Morse Band Center Theater Whittier March 8th 2019
    5 Ten Years After and Quick Silver Messenger Service Olympic Auditorium March 21st 1970
    6 Bob Marley and The Wailers Pauley Pavilion UCLA November 23 1979
    7 David Bowie and the Spiders from Mars Santa Monica Civic October 20th 1972
    8 Quatermass Whisky A Go Go. December 22nd 1970
    9 Genesis Reading Festival August 26th 1973
    10 Traffic and Silver Meter Santa Monica Civic. July 5th 1970

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    Saw Neal Morse in Boston last month... Also thought it was one of the best live shows I've ever seen...

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    1. The Who , Düsseldorf 1975
    2. Gentle Giant (support act Banco) Düsseldorf 1976
    3. Frank Zappa , Düsseldorf, 1976
    4. Grobschnitt , Neuss , 1975
    5.Caravan , Duisburg, 1977
    6. Genesis , Düsseldorf, 1976
    7. Weather Report , Düsseldorf ,1978
    8. Rip Rig & Panic , Bochum early 80s
    9. Peter Gabriel , Düsseldorf 1977
    10. David Bowie, Serious Moonlight , Bochum early 80s

    I've seen great concerts later especially the France Rock In Opposition concerts , the MIMI festival in Marseille and a couple of great jazz concerts in Paris among them Ella Fitzgerald, Elvin Jones, Carla Bley, Soft Machine still with Elton Dean and Hugh Hopper but these early concerts just stuck in the memory.
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    Boy I don't remember dates and even venues, but... in no particular order...

    Thinking Plague, circa 2012
    Gentle Giant 1977
    Genesis 1977
    Steve Hackett 2015
    Flower Kings circa 2002
    High Llamas circa 2008
    Renaissance/Al Dimeola 1978
    Jethro Tull 1972
    Pink Floyd 1972
    Camel/Wishbone Ash 1975

    Honorable mentions by Yes, Weather Report, Tears For Fears, Allman Brothers, Kaitlyn ni Donovan and Mahavishnu Orchestra

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    Will do my best:

    The Byrds/Tim Hardin, November 1969
    Johnny Winter And/Orpheus, October 1970 (Orpheus was awful, but Winter And made up for it)
    ELP/Mott the Hoople, May 1971
    Humble Pie/J. Geils Band/King Crimson, December 1971
    Pearls Before Swine, March 1972
    West, Bruce, and Lange/Spirit/Fleetwood Mac, April 1972
    Byrds/Paul Butterfield Blues Band/Commander Cody, December 1972
    David Bowie, February 1973
    Jackson Browne/Bruce Springsteen, September 1973
    Strawbs, ROSFest, May 2016

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    I'm going to limit it to this century, no doubles of the same artist

    Blur - 2003 Vancouver
    Strawbs (electric) - 2007 Kitchener Ont
    Lady Lake - 2008 Rendsburg Ger
    The Zombies w Strawbs (acoustic) - 2011 Vancouver
    Three Friends w Humps (Camel trib) 2012 Tel Aviv
    The Sadies and Gord Downie - 2014 Vancouver
    Steve Hackett - 2014 Vancouver
    Eric Burdon and the Animals - 2015 Vancouver
    Moulettes - 2016 White Rock BC
    King Crimson - 2015 Vancouver
    Jean Michel Jarre - 2018 Vancouver
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    No specific order except for Zappa which was a clear #1:

    Zappa, 1988 (Columbus)
    Steve Hackett, 2016 (Cleveland)
    Nektar, 2002 (Nearfest)
    Renaissance, 2012 (Nearfest, seeing Scheherezade was really amazing)
    The Flower Kings, 2001 (Chicago)
    Jethro Tull, 1979 (St. Louis)
    Yes, 1979 (St. Louis)
    Yes, 2016 (Columbus)
    Pat Metheny Group, 1987 (Columbus)
    Dweezil Zappa, 2018 (Indy) - although the 2015 tour with One Size Fits All was probably just as good

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    A few off the top of my head:

    The Other Ones (more so for Robert Hunter's intermission solo set, which I think I've talked about before, if you want to hear the story again, I'll gladly tell it) Gun Arena, Thansgiving week (I think it was Wednesday) 2003
    Yes Cleveland Music Hall 1997
    King Crimson The Egg, Albany 2014
    The Who Gund Arena 2000 (I swear, it sounded like 1975!)
    Queen+Adam Lambert Gund Arena 2017
    Alice Cooper and Deep Purple Blossom Music Center, Cuyahoga Falls 2017
    Magma either of the two NEARfest performances (nothing like hearing one of your favorite bands drop an entire album that hasn't even been recorded yet, never mind released, on you)
    Van Der Graaf Generator NEARfest (aka their second ever US performance)
    Allman Brothers Band: any of the six times I saw them in the 90's
    Jeff Beck Nautica Stage 1999 (Five words: A Day In The Life)
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    Last did one of these 6 years ago so time for an update

    1. Once Upon A Time In Belgium (UZ - Present - Aranis) RIO '11
    2. Nik Bartsch Ronin - Boston '18
    3. Art Zoyd at RIO '15
    4. King Crimson - Boston '18
    5. Knifeworld / Admirals Hard - London '17
    6. Magma / Thinking Plague - RIO '12
    7. Pink Floyd - Manchester '87
    8. Free Salamander Exhibit - RIO '18
    9. Rainbow - Leeds '81
    10. Leonard Cohen - Birmingham '85
    11. Birdsong Of The Mesazoic / The Cellar And Point in Cambridge '15
    12. In Love With - RIO '17

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    Quote Originally Posted by NogbadTheBad View Post
    9. Rainbow - Leeds '81
    Somehow I'm shocked you've seen Rainbow! Was that with Bonnett or Turner?

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    Quote Originally Posted by GuitarGeek View Post
    Somehow I'm shocked you've seen Rainbow! Was that with Bonnett or Turner?
    Joe Lynn Turner - was my first ever gig, while my list doesn't show it I've seen lots of great Rock / Metal bands over the years, Scorpions, Atomic Rooster, Groundhogs, Motorhead, Sabbath, Iron Maiden, Alice Cooper, etc.

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    We do these every few years but it is fun to think back... I admit I feel a little ripped off. I'm too young to be in the "I'm old but I got to see all the good bands" club but otherwise I feel pretty damn old sometimes.

    I'll try to do these chronologically to aid memory. No band repeats and no festival shows, given that we're limited to 10.

    Yes 1980; Kansas 1981; Peter Gabriel 1983 Bethlehem PA.
    Grateful Dead 1985 Nevada.
    Milton Nascimento 1990; King Crimson 1995; Detroit/Ann Arbor.
    Jack Bruce 1999; Grant Green Jr. 2001; Love 2002; Motorhead 2004 Los Angeles.
    Happy the Man 2004 Boston.
    Mother Mallard 2012 Ithaca NY.

    oops. that is 12. Sorry.

    Edit: D'oh! I forgot Camel 2000 in Los Angeles. That was a really amazing gig. Remove "Motorhead" from above to keep it to 12.
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    Mahavishnu Orch/Gentle Giant(Gentle Giant were sick and didn't play)
    RTF(Romantic Warrior Tour)
    Pink Floyd(Dark Side Tour)
    Genesis(The Lamb)
    King Crimson(Triple Double Tour)
    Tangerine Dream(In the 70's)
    Weather Report(With Jaco)
    YES(George Mason University in the 2000's)
    Gentle Giant(Sometime in the 70's)
    Roger Waters(Us and Them tour)

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    Renaissance & Happy The Man - Warner Theater 1977
    Pat Metheny Group - Wolf Trap 1996 ( We Live Here )
    Jaga Jazzist - Big Ears 2018 ( And GAS, GYBE )
    Kraftwerk - Warner Theater 1981
    The Flower Kings - Jaxx 2003
    Grateful Dead - Merriweather Post Pavilion 1983
    Dave Rawlings Machine - Lincoln Theater 2015
    Schnellertollermeier - Orion 2016
    David Byrne - Warner Theater/Wolf Trap ( ride, Rise, Roar ) 2008 2009
    Peter Gabriel - Patriot Center 2012
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    Quote Originally Posted by markwoll View Post
    Jaga Jazzist - Big Ears 2018 ( And GAS, GYBE )
    Schnellertollermeier - Orion 2016
    Those 2 were definitely on my shortlist.

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    Quote Originally Posted by arturs View Post
    Mother Mallard 2012 Ithaca NY.
    Wow, I didn't even know they had done any reunion shows. How was it? Wait a minute it, you're including it your ten best concerts, I guess that's how it was, doesn't it?

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    ^^^ Not really a reunion per se, Mother Mallard these days is David Borden, his son Gabriel, and I believe the rest of the band were Cornell music grad students (or at least they looked like it!). Borden is a retired Cornell prof and during the 12 years I lived in Ithaca He put on 4-5 MM shows. This is the only one I was able to attend. But yeah it was great. Pure minimalist analogue synth bliss. Wires and patch cords everywhere!

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    Hawkwind 1973 Space Ritual Tour
    Rory Gallagher/Status Quo: Irish Tour Album Release Tour
    Far East Family Band -1977 Tenkujin Tour
    Michael Rother w/John Frusciante & Josh Klinghoffer -2004 LINK:
    Wishbone Ash/Camel/Kiss (it was the first USA tour for Kiss and they were the opening band)
    TYA -1975 or 6

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    Kansas, 1976
    Led Zeppelin, 1977
    ELP, 1977
    Rush, 1978
    Yes, 1979
    Peter Gabriel, 1982
    CGT w/TLev & P@, 2001
    Dave Holland Quintet, 2002
    Maria Schneider Orchestra, 2015
    Nik Bärtsch's Ronin, 2018
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    Blue Cheer, MC5, Stooges 1969
    Jimi Hendrix, with Soft Machine and the MC5 1968
    Tony Williams Lifetime with Mecki Mark Men, 1970
    Emerson, Lake and Palmer 1970
    Mothers of Invention 1969
    Mahavishnu Orchestra with the Mothers of Invention 1970
    Pink Floyd 1971
    McCoy Tyner Quintet 1973
    Tom Rapp 1974
    Sun Ra 1971, 1975
    Miles Davis 1971, 1973
    Anthony Braxton with Roscoe Mitchell 1975
    Magma 1999, 2015, 2016
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    All shows took place in the NYC area

    Gentle Giant-1975
    Pink Floyd-77
    Brand X-77
    The Tubes-78

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    Magma - Herzberg 2000
    Peter Hammill - Noga Theater 2001
    Art Bears Songbook,
    Sleepytime Gorilla museum,
    Aquaserge - all RIO fest 2010
    Acid Mother Gong, Amsterdam Unconvention 2006
    Carla Bley Lost Chords find Paulo Freso , Red Sea jazz festival 2008
    Art Zoyd - RIO fest
    Slapp Happy - all OTO concerts 2017
    Lindsay Cooper Tribute - 2014 England

    Runners up:
    Daevid Allen, Israel 99
    Brainville 3, Israel 2011
    Peter Hammill - Terni, 2017
    VDGG - RFH 2005
    VDGG - Berlin / Prague 2013
    Magma - Triton 2005
    Jethro Tull - Ceaseria 1992, Tel Aviv 2000
    Present - probably all shows, cant pick one
    Toubifri Orchestra - Studio Lermitage, 2014 (?)
    This is not this Heat - Cafe Oto 2016 (?)

    Probably forgot alot, but from the top of my head...

    Edit: of course I forgot some, so another top five-

    Faust - Tel Aviv 2007
    Piniol- Wurzburg 2017
    Urban Sax - Belgium, 2003(?)
    Cardiacs- Garage Concert (2nd?) 2003
    Zorn festival / Electric Masada - Tel Aviv

    Runners up:
    Gryphon- London 2015
    King Crimson- Munich 2018
    The Ex - 25 anniversary tour, paris 2004

    Edit2: aaaaarg, Fire! Orchestra, Denmark, 2018 , in the top 10
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    Quote Originally Posted by Mythos View Post
    Wishbone Ash/Camel/Kiss (it was the first USA tour for Kiss and they were the opening band)
    Yeah, Kiss opened for a lot of bands on their first tour. For some unaccountable reason, they kept getting fired after doing only a few shows with each band.

    But that sounds like that would have been a cool show to see. I'd have stayed for all three bands.

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    Genesis 1976 Ottawa
    Jethro Tull - 1976 Ottawa
    King Crimson 1982 Montreal
    Yes 1978 Ottawa
    Rush 1976 Ottawa
    Max Webster - 1976 - Ottawa
    David Bowie 1978 Ottawa
    Supertramp and Ponty 1979 - Ottawa
    Peter Gabriel - 1980 - Ottawa
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    Genesis 1980 Capitol Theater Passaic NJ
    J Geils Band 1974 Jacksonville Coliseum
    U2 1983 Jacksonville Coliseum
    ELP 1979 (I think) MSG NYC
    Springsteen 1981 Meadowlands NJ
    Anglagard 2003 NEARfest
    Camel 2003 NEARfest
    Focus/RTF 1972 Asbury Park NJ
    Peter Gabriel 1982 Rutgers Univ NJ
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