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Thread: Top Ten All Time Favorite Concerts

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    Limiting it to 10 but in no special order:

    1. King Crimson, San Francisco, 2001(?)
    2. Chicago, Allentown PA, 1973(?)
    3. Grateful Dead/Who, Oakland CA, 1976
    4. Ronnie Montrose, 1977 or 8 (Open Fire tour)
    5. Random Hold/Peter Gabriel, 1980
    6. Genesis, 1977
    7. Nektar/Steve Hackett/Caravan, 2002
    8. Talking Heads, Berkeley, about 1985
    9. Utopia, San Francisco, 1977 (RA tour)
    10. The Roches, San Francisco, about 1986
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    King Crimson -81
    Dixie Dregs - 79
    Meeting of the Spirits -17
    The Ringers -14
    Scomule - 15
    Magma - 03
    Univers Zero - 11
    Chick Corea - 16
    Kenso - 05
    PFM - 10
    Michael Hedges - 92
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    Quote Originally Posted by bill g View Post
    Boy I don't remember dates and even venues, but... in no particular order...

    High Llamas circa 2008

    You win with that one.

    No particular order - forgive me, it's a dozen

    Chuck Berry around 1974
    Kansas/Starcastle in '77 (my first big time rock concert)
    Rush in '78
    The Zombies Odessey & Oracle show in 2017
    Marty Stuart & His Fabulous Superlatives last Jan, 2019
    Robert Plant & his Senasational Shape Shifters Sept 2018
    Deus Ex Machina @ Progday 2016
    Bent Knee @ Progday 2016 (Oh hell, let's just say all of PD '16)
    Adrian Belew last friday night (seriously, i've seen him a LOT and this was probably his best)
    Psychodots Nov 2018
    Brian Wilson/Rodriguez summer 2015
    The Sonics summer 2015

    A late addition - Jethro Tull on the Stormwatch tour with UK as the opener (Dave Pegg was the 'new guy' and the rest was sort of the classic lineup)
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    ELP-Ottawa Congress Center, Jan. 1993
    Pat Travers with the Outlaws, Dec. 1978, Massey Hall, Toronto
    Rush with Max Webster, Ottawa Civic Center, April 1978
    Styx with Prism, Ottawa Civic Center, March 1977
    Rose-South Grenville High School, Prescott, Ontario, fall 1977
    Teaze-South Grenville High School, Prescott, Ontario, spring 1978
    Queen with Thin Lizzy, Ottawa Civic Center, Jan. 1977
    Moxy-Canada World Music Festival, Toronto, July 1979
    Black Sabbath with Ten Years After, Ottawa Civic Center, Jan. 1981
    Triumph, Ottawa Civic Center, Jan. 1981
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    Heavy on 80's/90's when I first started going to shows:

    Genesis Three Sides Live tour, Saratoga Performing Arts Center 8/26/82. My fave band at the time, scored 3rd row seats, heard all of Suppers Ready.
    King Crimson, The Egg, Albany NY 11/9/17. OMG their recent tours...this show was purported to be one of Mr. Fripp's favorites.
    John McLaughlin w/ Kai Eckhardt & Trilok Gurtu, Saratoga Performing Arts Center 6/29/91. The legendary Trio. Mind blowing.
    Tribal Tech - Pauly's Hotel, Albany NY 1991. Scott Henderson and Gary Willis in a tiny, packed club.
    Chick Corea Elektric Band, Inside Out tour, Saratoga Performing Arts Center 1990. Chick's intro to Tale of Daring. "This song has about a million notes..."
    Jean-Luc Ponty, can't remember exact date/venue, NYC west side around 78th street side 1990? Setlist drew heavily from Cosmic Messenger.
    Talking Heads, Stop Making Sense Tour, Saratoga Performing Arts Center 8/5/83. Like the movie and just as good.
    Steve Morse & T Lavitz - Saratoga Winners, 1990. Steve was on fire. T Lavitz set, Morse acoustic set, Morse electric set, Lavitz joined for Dregs set.
    Pink Floyd, Syracuse Carrier Dome 6/6/94. My only Floyd show (so far).
    Steve Wilson, Hand Cannot Erase tour, The Egg, Albany NY 6/9/15. The full Raven show might've been better but I only saw the abbreviated version.

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    Ok here I go

    Yes - Denver - 1979
    UK/Jethro Tull - Denver - 1979
    Genesis - Landover - 1981
    Yes - San Diego - 1991
    EL&P - Mexico City - 1992
    Peter Gabriel - Mexico City - 1993
    Pink Floyd - Mexico City- 1994
    Marillion - Mexico City - 1998?
    Yes - Monterrey, México - 2004 (last gig from the Classic lineup)
    Steve Hackett - Mexico City - 2018
    King Crimson - México City - 2017

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    Good grief, I've maybe been to 10 concerts in my entire life...

    Rush - Hemispheres tour
    Rush - Permanent Waves tour
    Yes - Relayer tour
    Yes - GFTO tour
    Renaissance - 1977
    Be Bop Deluxe - Drastic Plastic tour
    Elvis Costello - Armed Forces tour
    Chicago/Beach Boys - summer of '75 tour
    Frampton - Comes Alive tour *
    Queen/Thin Lizzy - bicycle tour *
    Niacin - 2002

    * - won tickets in radio contest
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    Nice thread, I’ll chime in with these:

    Porcupine Tree Knitting Factory NYC May 1999
    Flower kings NYC bottom line September 2001
    Musical Box the spectrum Montreal Canada May 2001
    Yes 40th Anniversary tour MSG 2014
    Marillion Irving plaza nyc first night 2012.
    Sleepy time Gorilla Musuem Nearfest 2003
    Echolyn Nearfest 2002
    Camel Nearfest 2003
    Phil Collins corestate center March 1997
    Dream theater Irving Plaza nov 1997
    Magma nyc highland ballroom 2008.

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    Return To Forever
    Billy Cobham
    Miles Davis
    Pink Floyd
    Talking Heads
    Arti E Mestieri
    David Torn
    Living Colour
    Soft Machine
    Bad Brains
    Al DiMeola
    Joe Satriani
    Deus Ex Machina
    New Trolls
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    Quote Originally Posted by NogbadTheBad View Post
    Last did one of these 6 years ago so time for an update
    Wasthis already on PE 3.0 or was it still on PE2.0, and if the forme, could you find the thread

    Because despite some of your great choices, I'm not sure my list would've budge much since that thread.
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    Quote Originally Posted by GuitarGeek View Post
    Yeah, Kiss opened for a lot of bands on their first tour. For some unaccountable reason, they kept getting fired after doing only a few shows with each band.

    But that sounds like that would have been a cool show to see. I'd have stayed for all three bands.
    Hey GG, the coolest part was that there were a bunch of Industry People that were there ONLY to see Kiss and left right after their set, so we moved up to the third row for Camel and Wishbone Ash....!

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    These are the ones that have stuck in my memory, all in London, hard to narrow it down to 10 so I've gone to 15:

    Rush 1988
    Queen 1984
    VDGG 2005
    Slayer 1988
    Magma 2003
    Screaming Trees 1996
    Porcupine Tree 2006
    Marillion 1987
    The Musical Box 2012
    The Wildhearts 1994
    The Cult 1987
    Stone Temple Pilots 1994
    Yes 1984
    Queensryche 1990
    Steve Hackett 2013
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    Quote Originally Posted by Trane View Post
    Wasthis already on PE 3.0 or was it still on PE2.0, and if the forme, could you find the thread

    Because despite some of your great choices, I'm not sure my list would've budge much since that thread.
    3.0, mine changed quite a bit.

    I blame Wynton, what was the question?
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    Deep Purple '71 Kinetic Circus, Birmingham (support was East of Eden and Indian Summer)
    Yes '78 Oakland Colosseum (in the round with the Oakland Raiders cheerleaders on stage for Roundabout)
    Joe Jackson (Blaze of Glory tour, '89) Greek Theatre Berkley
    Steely Dan '96 Wembley
    Caravan '75, Egham
    Renaissance '79 or '80 Bristol Colsten Hall
    Taste / The Groundhogs '69 Malvern Winter Gardens
    Porcupine Tree '05 Bristol Bierkeller on the Deadwing tour
    Uriah Heep / Trapeze '70 Malvern Winter Gardens
    ABWH '89 Mountain View CA

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    My taste was very different in the 80ies then it is right now. My favorite concerts are based on the memories of how I experienced everything back then and not how I look at those bands right now. In chronological order with each band/artist only represented 1 time (I've seen Hammill more then 50 times with many amazing shows but that would make a rather boring list)

    1 Fisher Z, Arena, Rotterdam 1982
    2 Marillion - Vredenburg, Utrecht 1984
    3 Pallas/IQ - Paradiso Amsterdam 1986
    4 Cardiacs - Paradiso, Amsterdam 1988 (probably my favorite concert ever)
    5 Rush - Ahoy Rotterdam 1988
    6 Peter Hammill - Tivoli Utrecht 1990
    7 Jeff Buckley - Nighttown, Rotterdam 1995
    8 VDGG - Paradiso Amsterdam 2005
    9 Aranis - Antwerp somewhere in a very small venue playing Songs from Mirage with a Choir. 2014
    10 GoGoPenguin - lanterenvenster, Rotterdam 2016

    ……….and 2019 Koenji at Rio?

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    Just saw Nick Mason's Saucerful Of Secrets last night and they made my top ten list.

    Saw Vanilla Fudge just 9 days earlier and holy shit they were amazing so they at least get honorable mention.

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    Van der Graaf Generator Shepherds Bush Empire London July 8th 2005
    Arthur Lee & Love Beachland Ballroom Cleveland Oct 11th 2004
    Tangerine Dream Youngstown, OH 1977 (In a church, I can't remember which one)
    Laughing Clowns Covent Rock Garden London 1982
    Guided By Voices Black Cat Washington DC Nov 4 1994
    Hawkwind 930 Club Washington DC September 26 1989
    David Bowie Civic Arena Pittsburgh PA April 28 1978
    The Birthday Party Victoria Venue London November 26 1981
    Wire Electric Ballroom London February 29 1980
    The Fall, D.A.F. Marquee London late 1979/early 1980


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