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Thread: Peter Gabriel interview on

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    Peter Gabriel interview on

    interesting interview from way-back......
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    That was great.. thanks for posting

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    I enjoyed the interview. Thanks for posting.

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    Wow quite a blast from the past. I wonder if he would have any updated comments on how the Technology has replaced musicianship. Just how does the artist fit in in todays music? A programmer perhaps? Is there even room for a person anymore. Of course me being an old "get off my lawn" kind of guy, I was so excited when I first learned my way around MIDI, thinking it could ultimately allow for endless creativity. Once sampling and triggers replaced MIDI - it became a game of cut and paste, and creativity changed forever. I don't hear much creativity in much of todays music, songs like "don't give up" seem antiquated now. - I wonder if the person he was referring to was Robin Williams.. I know he had suffered with depression for decades.
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