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Thread: RIP Izzy Young, music promoter of the 50's & 60's NYC folk music revival

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    RIP Izzy Young, music promoter of the 50's & 60's NYC folk music revival


    Mr Young owned the Folklore Center in Greenwich Village that served as a focal point of the folk music revival in the 60's.
    He was a big help to many artists, like Bob Dylan.
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    RIP. I talked to Izzy Young once at the Folklore Center in 1967 when my then wife & I went to see Phil Ochs there. He was a mensch.
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    I was not familiar with him, but his obit in the Washington Post was a fascinating read.
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    Was the movie "A Mighty Wind" inspired by him?

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    I'm currently reading Ed Sanders memoir, Fug You and Ed has fond memories and stories about Izzy Young and how he helped Ed in his early days publishing his magazine and with The Fugs. Great stuff!
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