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Thread: Describe your descent into prog...

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    Didn't think I would ever see "The Good Rats" mentioned on this web site. Love them guys.

    They get the occasional mention, some fans are here. Saw them open for Rush at Nassau Coliseum on the Hemispheres tour!! I was probably one of the few people there who was a fan of both bands! John Gatto had an early wireless setup and during a long solo he disappeared from the stage and the spotlight went to the top row of the Coliseum and he appeared in the entrance way, still wailing away on his solo!! You know Peppe passed on a few years ago?
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    Even though I heard some early prog like yes - roundabout, elp - lucky man, pink floyd - careful with that axe eugene I can't say I knew it was progressive rock. Then one night, listening to FM radio through the TV set I heard music that blew my mind. It turned out to be genesis - the musical box (about half of it anyway), but I had no idea at the time who or what it was. In the following weeks I would peruse record stores hoping for a clue, a hint, an aha moment! Then looking at an 8 track tape of nursery cryme and reading the title "the musical box" I started to think, maybe this was it? well, the rest you can guess....

    then after school one day in the fall of 1972 right after listening to the allman brothers my friend Bruce sez his brother just got a new album, let's check it out.... that was yes "close to the edge". at first I didn't know what the heck I was listening to, but it didn't take long to become my mantra... so with genesis and yes that was the start. oh yeah, I had kc in the wake of poseidon cause the cover was cool and back then a used copy at art's variety and discount mart sold for about .25 cents

    If you came to prog rock in the early to mid seventies you might enjoy my live on air radio show on This year I started a series called "50 years of prog in 50 weeks" where each week I play some tunes that one might have heard on the radio, or thru an older brother, or a friend who liked similar music at the time. This week I'm up to 1978 and will keep going until I reach 2019. The first show in the series started in 1969 with, of course, KC in the court of the crimson king. They're being podcast on
    The show is not a comprehensive exhaustive look at all prog music, but just my memories,encounters,concerts I saw and my personal stories throughout the many years of prog rock.
    Magma - As a Vancouver 70's proghead, do you remember Quintessence on 4th (what was it called back when it was prog central, before it became Quintessence and then turned into all things punk-new wave and Gerry Barad began being Gerry Barad)? Remember Black Swan near UBC? Remember getting copies of Eurock there? Man, that was a source of many a headspace back in the day. I lost my musical virginity in the hidden racks at those places.

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    My continuing Journey into prog: The 80's

    After discovering all the major prog stuff in the late seventies it suddenly became deeply uncool, Yes split and Genesis had hit singles with the awful Misunderstanding etc and it all went awry. For a while I was still discovering more 70's music but also got into the New Wave Of British Heavy Metal (NWOBHM) as well as Sabbath with Dio. I saw them a couple of times at Hammersmith Odeon as well as Iron Maiden, The Tygers Of Pan Tang, Magnum as well as Whitesnake, MSG and Thin Lizzy on their farewell tour with Lynott. I also got into those bands like Journey & Foreigner.

    By late '82 though I discovered that amazingly a 2nd wave of Prog was coming in the form of Marillion and I saw them in London which was amazing. I then started going to the Marquee and discovered all these fantastic bands such as Solstice, Pendragon, Twelfth Night, Pallas & IQ. I saw all these bands many many times and for a while it looked hopeful, the music and talent was there but in the end not much support from the record business being that Prog was still terminally uncool. Yes even came back but were hugely disappointing without Howe & Wakeman. By the end of the 80's Fish had left Marillion and only Rush were left standing, not a great time for music. To be continued..

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    My main discoveries in the 80s where not prog, at least not in any way traditional prog.
    I discovered: Wim Mertens, Bel Canto and Dead Can Dance.
    The only traditional prog I discovered was Marilllion and perhaps Twelfth Night, though I only taped Live at the Target.

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    Some great stories in here...I wish we had some sort of "Like" button the way FB does...

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    Quote Originally Posted by IncogNeato View Post
    Some great stories in here...I wish we had some sort of "Like" button the way FB does...

    There you go!

    I blame Wynton, what was the question?
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    There you go!
    Well, then.


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