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Weasel Walter's entire artistic agenda is to formulate expressions of extremity - he's stated so himself on several occasions. He'd be unsuccessful at it if listeners were to actually "enjoy" the act of taking in his music. As such, I kinda like The Flying Luttenbachers - but I certainly don't enjoy too much of it at a time. It's painful sound, all the more intensely experienced because it's not mere noise but actually composed sonic matter.

Their one - sole - gig here in Oslo (at Blå in 2004, I believe) has gained near-mythical reputation with 'extreme fringe' fans in recent years, mostly due to the fact that many attendees simply used the appearance as a test-of-endurance and so a token to capacities of integrity. Apparently not many audience members prevailed the ordeal.
This is an interesting take. There have been some musical acts that at times I've liked although I might not have enjoyed them per se, so I think I can understand where you're coming from.

Based on these descriptions, I feel like I really should at least check out The Flying Luttenbachers now.