Had a very detailed and bizarro dream with no reason why I should dream about Iron Maiden as I haven't been watching any videos of them or listening to their music lately, not even a fan.

I arrive at my late parents' old house that I grew up in. Lot of activity out front with trucks and guys moving boxes (didn't look like amps or equipment) into the front door of the house. I find out that Iron Maiden needs to store some things in the basement! I'm wondering where there's room as my parents' basement was always stacked to the rafters with "stuff"... they would often help clean out houses and garages of family and friends and bring all their unwanted stuff back to the house to stack in the basement! My father loved this kind of activity and was right in the middle of it hauling boxes. I caught a glimpse of Steve Harris and Jannick Gers moving around but apparently it was their roadies doing most of the hauling. I waited upstairs in my old bedroom, not wanting to get in anyone's way.

I later heard that the rest of the band was waiting in one truck and that Bruce wasn't with them, they were then going to head out on a boating trip out of Jones Beach, and that they had invited my parents and I to come along! I declined, thinking, "I'm not into fishing, what am I going to talk about with these guys hanging around for a couple hours?" I don't know if my parents went or not.

Then apparently at some point they returned and all the boxes of stuff had to be reloaded back on the trucks! Again I decided to stay out of the way. At one point I think, "I better get a picture with the band because no one is going to believe they were here at my house". I go downstairs and all the trucks are gone, I missed them. Meanwhile cars are passing slowly with people gawking out the windows, apparently word had gotten out that Iron Maiden was in the area and doing something at our house! I go back inside and go in the basement and it's practically empty except for a few things. I help my dad move his workbench back to where he keeps it and I'm looking at the basement and thinking it would be a good place to move my sign business to... (I'm thinking of moving now and 20 years ago I did work in the basement for 2 months when the guy I was renting with got evicted and I had to look for a new shop)