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Thread: RESOLUTION ALLEY - New Art Rock from Maryland

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    RESOLUTION ALLEY - New Art Rock from Maryland

    Happy New Year!
    We may have crossed paths a few years ago when I was performing with my bands Emerald Tiers and Sustained In Jade or when I was singing for The Dark Aether Project for a short time. If you enjoyed the Art Rock style of any of those bands, I invite to check out my new project, RESOLUTION ALLEY. It's available on iTunes, Spotify, Apple Music, CD Baby and all of the other places where you can download or stream music from these days....

    There'll be some live shows later this the meantime, give RESOLUTION ALLEY a listen, like us on Facebook and spread the word!

    resalley cover.jpg

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    I'm only 20 minutes from Maryland on the Pa side. Keep us posted as where you will be performing. Best of luck with your new band.


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