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Thread: Daryl "Captain" Dragon (Captain & Tennille) - R.I.P.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dan Roth View Post
    [B]You sang on Pink Floyd’s The Wall.

    TENNILLE: A tiny part, yes. Bruce Johnston from the Beach Boys, Carl Wilson, John Joyce and I –
    Interesting, that's the first I've ever heard that any of The Beach Boys other than Bruce was on it. In at least one of the Floyd books, it's specifically mentioned that Bruce was the only one who sang on it, but maybe there were contractual reasons why Carl's name couldn't be mentioned in the credits (for what it's worth, neither is Nick Mason's).

    As to which songs she and Bruce are on, I always assumed they're on the stuff that has the Beach Boys style vocal harmonies. I know Bruce said in one book something to the effect that "Here we were, singing songs about worms", which would suggest that he, at least, is on Waiting For The Worms (note the vocals on the start of that song, that's very Beach Boys sounding to my ears).

    Assuming her memory is correct (and I know no real reason to doubt her), it sounds like I had it backwards. I once a TV program where she and Daryl talked about their studio, and she rattled off this list of all these bands who recorded there. So I always figured Pink Floyd must have been one of those bands, and through that, they roped her and Bruce into singing on the record.

    BTW, on that video, she mentions doing Kids Are People Too. I actually used to watch that show when I wasl ittle. I read years later, they did a thing on that show where they backed by an all kid band, and the bass player later played in a band in the 90's (checking Wiki) called Medicine.
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    Aside from The Wall I think Elton John's Blue Moves is the only album I own where Toni Tennille sings. She and Bruce Johnston are part of the backing vocal group overdubbed at the Beach Boys' Brother Studio on some songs and one has an arranging credit for Daryl Dragon. Incidentally, Earle Mankey (ex-Sparks) is credited as the engineer for those sessions.


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