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Thread: What could have been...

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    What could have been...

    Was just listening to a bootleg of Beck/Hammer and got to thinking about how much more these guys could have done. Got me to thinking about other "what could have beens"...

    Could have REALLY exploited the Jazz/Rock / Fusion wave of the time and put out much more albums than they did, AND, could have explored longer thematic adventures. (and dropped those funk-singing songs)

    Eddie Van Halen:
    I always thought; "what could he have done with multi-tracked tapping stuff"? Imagine Eruption with LAYERS of stuff on it...Frippertronics via Van Halen???
    Instead, he just became a drunk for a while.

    AND, if he had lived, what directions would have Randy Rhodes explored as Prog Metal was just at its beginnings?

    I'm sure many of you can come-up with your own "what ifs"...let's hear 'em...
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    What if Buddy Holly would have made it into the '60s? I've always wondered if he had enough coolness to actually survive.
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    I didn't care for Beck with the Jan Hammer Group as much as his own studio albums, in large part because of...
    Quote Originally Posted by Supersonic Scientist View Post
    those funk-singing songs


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