The Red Masque Newsletter

Happy Holidays! A big thank you to each and every one of you for being a part of the Red Masque family. We wish you a happy holiday season and hope the new year brings you joy.

As a thank you, we have FREE music for you.

Click on the following link go to our Bandcamp page to download "Centipede".

"Centipede" is an edited sampling of sections from a 20+ minute improvisation recorded on December 9, 2018. You can watch a 15 minute section of this improv on youtube at

The Red Masque are also currently working on booking some shows for 2019, including a festival gig in the spring at wonderful venue in Wilmington, DE, and a showcase at Orion Studios in Baltimore, MD. Stay tuned for full details.

Our new album "Fathomless" released on October 26 via Bandcamp and CD Baby.
The music is available through most online digital platforms and you can buy physical copies either through CD Baby or direct from the band via our Bandcamp site (for those of you who live outside the USA, we recommend you purchase through CD Baby as they can get a better shipping price to you than we can if you purchase direct).

This album has been a year in the making and, we think features some of the band's strongest work to date. Recorded at Philly Jam Recording by engineer Mark J. Montoro (an alumnus of famed Philly studio Sigma Sound), the album "Fathomless" is an epic and sonicly dynamic album from start to finish.

Click here for full information on the new album.

The physical CD product (retail $13 US) consists of a six-panel digipack "lite" package featuring gorgeous artwork by TRM vocalist Lynnette Shelley and band photography by Gina Andreoli. Each CD package comes sealed in a clear plastic sleeve. The digital downloads will retail for $9.99 US.