Vertighost, our DVD which combines the Vertigo movie by that ol' chap Hitchcock and our double disc Madeleine, is available for 15 euros till 12/24.
It's a real gift for all music lovers, hitchcock lovers, DIY lovers, jazz-progressive lovers, and lovers in general. We did a new soundtrack for that wonderful movie, and it's a true experience to live and to offer.


Praise for Madeleine :
With Madeleine, Ghost Rhythms have made a captivating and highly musical tribute to a cinematic classic sound like the easiest thing in the world to pull off. A must for any jazz fan, and for any music fan not put off by the word “jazz” and not hidebound by genre restrictions. (Roger Trenwith, The Progressive Aspect)

All of this leads to some stunning moments of beauty. This, however, isn’t an obstacle for the display of a sense of humor and fun on this seriously compelling album. Madeleine is one of the best things to be released in the first half of 2015. (Dave Sumner, Bird is the worm)

On ne peut que tirer notre chapeau devant une œuvre de cette qualité, qui mêle ambition et accessibilité, virtuosité et mélodie. Un page turner version musicale. (Jean-Philippe Haas, Chromatique.net)