For me, it had been an amazing 35 years since I had last seen Saga so to say this was a long time coming is an understatement. Kicking off the evening with Careful where you step was certainly a great way to make an impact and the acoustics were really excellent at the Sylvian-Lelievre Auditorium (about 300 seats).

Michael Sadler as always is a great master of ceremonies, still has a an incredible vocal range and keeps it very lively jumping from center stage front to the rear behind his keyboard set. No mention about missing Jim Crichton and introduced the "new guy" Dusty Chesterfield on bass and more keyboards. Kudos to Mike Thorne who played awesome drums with an ankle injury but persevered. Ian Crichton played impeccably not missing a note; my only observation, his guitar was too low volume in comparison to the drums and vocals but gradually the sound was balanced out. Jim Gilmour was fantastic but told the audience only sorry to have missed watching the NHL Playoffs jokingly.

Duration 1 Hr 50 minutes
Merch: New CD & LPs Live at Rock of Ages, guitar picks, black T-shirt and white baseball jersey with classic logo.

Careful Where You Step
On the Loose
How Long
The 13th Generation
The Learning Tree
Will It Be You? (Chapter 4)
On the Air
Mouse in a Maze
What's It Gonna Be?
Mike Thorne Drum Solo
Take a Chance
Humble Stance
Scratching the Surface
You're Not Alone
Don't Be Late (Chapter 2)

Tired World (Chapter 6)

*Will post some pics in my next post