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Thread: Grapefruit Records cmas sale - lots of British psych at reduced prices!

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    Grapefruit Records cmas sale - lots of British psych at reduced prices!

    This will be of interest to some of you... The UK label Grapefruit are having a flash sale. Various items available at discounted prices.

    Grapefruit are responsible for three excellent 3CD box sets covering British psych oddities from between 1967-69. Between those three boxes, the nine discs cover a lot of interesting ground. All are in the sale...and there's a bunch more interesting stuff.

    More details here:

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    I have moved this over to the "What's On, What's New" forum as it's a pure advertisement. And while we allow advertising to some degree on PE, excessive posts will be removed as spam at our discretion. We also don't generally don't care for the posting on PE to tease an article in an attempt to draw traffic to another website or forum to the get the information. So please cease that.

    Lastly, please read our Terms of Service for forum use.

    Do not use the forum exclusively to promote yourself or the artists you represent. Self-promotion is occasionally acceptable only by those who post regularly and on topic. Self-promotional messages may be moved to the Off-Topic forum at the moderators' discretion. Spam will be regulated at the moderators' discretion.
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    "Do not use the forum to promote the artists you represent"

    For the record, I do not work for any of the companies I've posted links for. They were purely as a heads up since I thought people would be interested. I gained NOTHING from doing so, only a months ban.

    If it would make you happy, I could start three hundred threads with everyone else discussing whether RELAYER is better than CLOSE TO THE EDGE, but frankly my musical tastes aren't so blinkered. The irony of prog listeners having the least progressive attitudes kills me every time.

    I'm off to spend time with less up tight people. Thank you.


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