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Thread: Review: New Brand X Blu-ray is TOTALLY AWESOME !!!

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    Review: New Brand X Blu-ray is TOTALLY AWESOME !!!

    In those immortal words of Kate Bush .... Wow! Wow! Wow!

    The new Brand X Blu-ray arrived today &, as a very long term fan of the band, I'm completely blown away - its just STUNNING.

    The band are absolutely on heat - incredible levels of musicianship from every one of them - and all recorded in crystal clear 5:1 surround. Plus the video doesn't keep switching picture every few seconds, as seems to be the trend with many modern concert DVDs / Blu-rays nowadays!

    I've been waiting for this for a long time - having seen them many times over the years - with Bruford at The Venue in London in 1980, through to the Jazz Cafe with Pierre Moerlen back in 1997, plus various times in between - and they are right back up there at their peak in performance terms.

    if you're a Brand X fan, you simply MUST buy this Blu-ray!! Slightly pricey at 29.99 for CD / Blu-ray pack, but I for one feel that its about time the band finally saw some money!

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    I ordered from BS too. I think it's stupid that they won't offer these to our buddy Ken Golden to sell. Shipping from the UK is so effin slow.

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    No US vendors carrying it?

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    Is the full show on the Blu ray?

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    Quote Originally Posted by fiberman View Post
    Is the full show on the Blu ray?
    To be fair, I haven't seen their recent shows (as they haven't been back over to the UK for over 20 years AFAIK), but the Blu-ray & CD are identical running orders & both clock in at around 70 mins or so. So it is short but sweet - but I actually watched it straight through twice, it was that good.

    If I had to be critical, I'd say the sharpness of the video seems to be sometimes more DVD than Blu-ray quality, but the level of playing (from every single member of the band) and the crispness of the audio on both the CD & Blu-ray more than compensate. It's also a very "easy" watch, in that the video edit is intelligent & allows you to sit back and enjoy feel of the gig rather than it flicking from one scene to the next every few seconds.

    Just a total joy to see them back on such form!
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