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Thread: The Canvas Prog Hour # 551 Enchant-A Blueprint Of The World-1995

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    The Canvas Prog Hour # 551 Enchant-A Blueprint Of The World-1995

    A new show is up and ready to roll for the next two weeks at ------------------->

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    The Canvas Prog Hour Playlist # 551
    In Focus-Enchant-A Blueprint Of The World-1995

    Phish-You Enjoy Myself-Junta-1988
    Big Big Train-Last Train-The Underfall Yard-2009 (Nick D'Virgilio)
    Agents Of Mercy-Citadel-The Black Forest-2011 (Roine Stolt & Jonas Reingold)
    Neal Morse-12 / Entrance-?-2005 (Mike Portnoy & Randy George)
    Soften The Glare-Two Dozen-Making Faces-2017
    Kayak-If This Is Your Welcome-Royal Bed Bouncer-1975
    Enchant-The Thirst-A Blueprint Of The World-1995 (Paul Craddick)

    The Jelly Jam-Coming Round-2-2004 (Rod Morgenstein & Ty Tabor)
    Focus-Tommy-Golden Oldies-2014 (Thijs Van Leer)
    Rare Bird-Epic Forest-Epic Forest-1972
    Richard Hallebeek-Eurotop-One Voice-2017
    Riverside-River Down Below-Wasteland-2018
    The Man From RavCon-Max The Cat-Another World-2018
    Headspace-Polluted Alcohol-All That You Fear Is Gone-2016
    Spock's Beard-To Breathe Another Day-Noise Floor-2018 (Nick D'Virgilio & Ted Leonard)
    Enchant-Acquaintance-A Blueprint Of The World-1995 (Ted Leonard)

    Presto Ballet-Thieves-The Lost Art Of Time Travel-2008
    Styx-A Day-II-1973
    Kiyo-Sen-Enamel Doll-Organizer-2018 (Kiyomi Otaka & Senri Kawaguchi)
    The Pineapple Thief-Uncovering Your Tracks-Dissolution-2018 (Gavin Harrison)
    The Fringe-Opening Day-The Fringe-2016 (D'Virgilio, Reingold & McStine)
    Birdsong At Morning-Waterfall-Signs And Wonders-2018
    Simon Phillips-Passage To Agra-Protocol 4-2017 (Greg Howe)
    Enchant-East Of Eden-A Blueprint Of The World-1995

    Transatlantic-My New World-SMPT:E-2000 (Pete Trewavas & Mike Portnoy)
    Al DiMeola-Flight Over Rio-Elegant Gypsy & More Live-2018
    Cozy Powell-El Sid-Over The Top-1979 (Don Airey & Jack Bruce)
    Karmakanic-Traveling Minds-Dot-2016 (Jonas Reingold)
    Gamalon-Bleecker Street-Aerial View-1990 (Ted Reinhardt)
    Porcupine Tree-Pure Narcotic-Stupid Dream-1999 (Steven Wilson)
    Enchant-Enchanted-A Blueprint Of The World-1995
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