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    Gig Clip

    Below is a link to a video of a recent state fair gig of my band................not without flaws but a fun set.
    We were hired to play a 45-minute set of classic rock covers.
    We selected songs that had a bit of a prog slant.
    The sound of this clip is surprisingly decent considering this is recorded from a simple GoPro attached to a lighting truss, stage right............

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    It sounds good - I would've enjoyed watching that while chowing down on some State Fair grub! And you didn't mention you were opening for Ratt! You should tell Jacob Holm Lupo (White Willow) - he's a big fan, maybe you have some Ratt tales to tell him.
    "Of course you are allowed to trumpet your profound ignorance by disagreeing with me." -- Facelift

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    Good singin!
    no tunes, no dynamics, no nosebone

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    Ratt drew a good we finished our set, I estimated that there were 2000 in the audience.

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    Quote Originally Posted by nosebone View Post
    Good singin!
    Thanks nose.
    I'm the only member of the band that does not sing -- there is a good reason for that.

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    Good song choice. And yes, big Ratt fan here - wish I was there!


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