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Thread: If music is dying, why are there so many great releases and live shows in 2018?

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    Maybe I should just give him a printout of the tracklist and let him take it from there!
    You could just take a dead dandelion and blow the spores into the wind and make him chase them down...

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    Quote Originally Posted by JKL2000 View Post
    Sorry, I think this really belongs on another thread but I can't find it!

    I think I've finally encountered the endgame of the digitalization of music. I really want to give my son that "Come Join My Orchestra" English Baroque Pop 3CD collection for Christmas because he'd love the music, but I can't think HOW to give it to him because I think he only listens to music on Spotify. You can buy it in MP3 format from Amazon or Apple, but he never uses iTunes or the Amazon music app. There's no way he's ever connected his iPhone to a laptop. I could buy the CDs, rip them, and when he's home copy them to his iPhone. But he's still not even going to use the Music app on his iPhone because he has no other music saved to his iPhone aside from possibly music downloaded from Spotify, which can only be played through the Spotify app.

    And I don't blame him for this - giving him the CDs, or giving him a USB drive with the MP3s, is like suddenly giving him a VHS tape and expecting him to be able to do something with it. I do think Spotify has become the killer app. Surely Apple and Amazon must be trying to figure out this problem as well - one which they kind of created for themselves. He doesn't even have an account with Apple or Amazon, so how could he listen to music from those services? It's quite a puzzle, when someone really only listens to music while on the go but doesn't have a car.
    I hear you.
    My son is a Spotify only teen, although he's started collecting vinyl so he can display the artwork in his bedroom.
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