Hi everyone!

We are Den Martens, a prog rock duo from Buenos Aires, Argentina.

We have released our first self-titled album in Dec 2017 and now we present it (a bit late maybe) to you.
The album has a 7 songs with a strong influence of prog and with some experimental and ambient sections.

(If you are a mellotron lover we recommend you the song Your melancholic eyes )

The CD itself was all produced and recorded by ourselves in our home, we did our best to release something not too amateurish haha.

Without any much else to say, I leave you with the link... I hope you all like it!

You can listen to it in Bandcamp here:

You can also listen to us in Spotify, Itunes, Deezer, Google Play Music, etc.

Thank you!
Chris from Den Martens.

P.S: We are now starting to work on our second album, so keep in touch with us in social networks.