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Thread: Phil Miller 'all-star' tribute concert - London 6th January 2019 - BOOKING OPEN !!!

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    Interval... We began with two Delivery numbers with the original bassist. We had "Godsong" as a solo by John Greaves. Some Hatfield and the North, including a later arrangement of "Calyx" with a brass section + Etheridge, Jakszyk, Meyer, Maguire, Baker etc. A piece from Before A Word Is Said. And more...


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    Second set focused on In Cahoots with Lemer, Fletcher, Baker and Boyle playing on several pieces, but also Meyer, Etheridge, Monck, Dvorak, Travis and others. Included a Short Wave piece.

    Then an encore with everyone of "Nan's True Hole", conducted by Maguire.

    Thanks to Aymeric and to Phil's widow, Herm.

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    I should have been in London tonight. Thanks for the info, it’ll be awesome if they post on the Phil Miller legacy website

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    Wow, that sounds like a wonderful experience!
    Lucky you.
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    Sounds like the second set was largely a repeat of the first, so I'm relieved that despite being there only for the first set I didn't miss too much.

    What a stellar bunch of musicians, I feel so privileged to have been there. The selection of music was a perfect tribute to Phil Miller. Thanks Aymeric for arranging it all.

    it’ll be awesome if they post on the Phil Miller legacy website
    I spoke to one of the camera operators, who told me that that is the intention.

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    It was a good night. Always difficult to condense someone's career into just one night, but I thought the set did an admirable job of doing so. For me, the second set of the show, focused on In Cahoots, was stronger. Maybe with more In Cahoots members there, it required less rehearsal. Lovely playing from Doug Boyle, Mark Fletcher and Pete Lemer. Fred Baker was perhaps the busiest person of the evening, sometimes on bass, sometimes on guitar. Etheridge very good. Greaves, as always, strong as a performer, but also just this very happy person on stage. Jakszyk had, I think, flown in especially, but looked rather uncertain on stage. Good wind section: some lovely playing from Theo Travis, after Didier Malherbe had to pull out at the last minute. In all, a lovely way to remember Phil and I look forward to re-listening on the website.

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    A couple of pictures...


    This was just before the encore of "Nan's True Hole". Standing, you see (I think!), L-R, Monck, Greaves, Lemer (behind at the piano), Jakszyk, Maguire (in front), Etheridge (with guitar), Baker (with bass). Seated in front of Baker, you can see Travis's head.


    This was before "God Song", in the first half of the show. Aymeric is introducing Greaves.

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    Thanks Groon but I didnít arrange the concerts - Herm (Philís partner) did, with much help from Alex Maguire, Alexís partner Lynette, Fred Baker etc. I was merely a member of the team. Lynette and Benj Lefevre are to be thanked for running the event with consumate professionalism, having to deal with so many musicians with so little space to move about !

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    that room looks PACKED!
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    Both shows were sold out well in advance.

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    Looks fantastic.

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    Phil Howitt has written a superb review for Facelift of this event

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    Quote Originally Posted by prestonplatform View Post
    Phil Howitt has written a superb review for Facelift of this event
    A great read! I can't wait to hear and or see these shows second hand.

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    Quote Originally Posted by bondegezou View Post
    Am waiting for the second set to start. Those who saw the first set said it was excellent. Venue is packed.

    Phil deserves a packed house. Looking for to seeing the film.


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