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Thread: Advice About Lakewood / Tom's River NJ

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    Advice About Lakewood / Tom's River NJ

    I have bought a ticket for the Strawb's 50th Concerts at the Strand Theater in Lakewood, NJ for next April 26 - 28th 2019.
    Have been looking at lodging in the area.....Can any of you locals recommend where to stay? It looks like no lodging within walking distance....any towns to favor? or avoid? Hotel reviews vary widely....a lot of BAD reviews.
    I'm flying in from Seattle so thinking about staying a week before and after to justify the hear of any significant gigs in the NE around that time? By significant I mean Prog. I just returned from Progstock and also attended IQ in Canada and Accordo dei Contrari in was 3,500 miles of Driving After the 5,600 miles of distance from Lakewood, NJ is not really an issue.....unless the weather is iffy in April.
    Thanks for any info.
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    April should be decent weather and the beginnings of spring weather. April showers and all that.

    there may be interesting proggy type gigs in DC or Baltimore then, but I can't tell you of any NOW; it's much too early.
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