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Thread: New Kinetic Element Album

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    New Kinetic Element Album

    We're in the home stretch for our new album The Face of Life. It goes off to the Glass Hammer guys to be mixed very soon and the artwork is being done by Martin Kornick of Man In The Mountain. Yes, there's a fundraiser. We need to raise $8500 and as of today we've raised $2110. Please visit our GoFundMe and consider coming on board.

    Please also visit our website at One of the pieces "All open eyes" is at the top of the Soundcloud audio list. I'd be happy to fill in interested parties on details of obtaining this record.
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    The track on Soundcloud sounds great, Mike! I plan to kick in something ASAP - my one problem with GoFundMe is that it doesn't take PayPal so I always have to fetch me wallet!


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    Thanks Jed!! Look forward to seeing you on the donors list ... please see whether you can get a few folks to go to the GoFundMe page and see the video.
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    Well the GoFundMe has netted us nearly $6000 of the $8500 we needed, and while we will be able to finish the production, we would like to thank the 75 people who have contributed.... BUT..... If you would like to come on board with us .... If we could miraculously get 25 more donors on board in the next week before we close the GoFundMe that would likely be another $1000 closer to the goal. How about it friends of KE? over two thousand people have seen the fundraiser and 75 have contributed. You can read the story, see the fundraiser interview video, and link to one of the new epics at We long for the day when we'll be able to perform this for you. Meanwhile, working on the first piece of the NEXT album. No more four-year and six-year intervals for this band!
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    To all our friends, fans and GoFundMe donors, we find ourselves unable to precisely determine the date for the release of The Face of Life. We are not certain the date we will be receiving the finished vinyl product, although we are told it will be late February and may go into early March, two months later than we expected, due to delays in getting everything correct for the manufacturer. We are confident we will have the CDs in late January, but we want to release both CD and vinyl at the same time. We promise to keep you up to date on what is happening.

    When we know it's on its way we intend on having a band get-together with Peter flying in from California to do a mass autographing day, so that those who are getting rewards from GoFundMe and those who placed pre-orders will have signed copies.

    While we are waiting for our product, we have decided to resume composing and arranging MORE new music for a follow-up album. This will happen later this week, and we intend to go as full-bore on this as we can.

    All five of us wish to thank all of you <3 for staying with us and a we profusely thank our donors who footed three-fourths of the cost of getting this album out there. We wish fervently that someone among the festival promoters will see fit to ask us to perform this music for you. If you want to see us perform, please let them know.

    Wishing everyone a great 2019!
    Mike, Michael, Mark, Saint John and Peter
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    Release Date for The Face of Life is Feb. 28th. Yes we will still take GoFundMe donations, but it's really pre-order time. The CD's arrived, they sound great, the T-shirts look awesome. Drop me a line on my Facebook page via PM or at and tell me what you'd like to buy, we'll get the details worked out. We still have Travelog T-Shirts and CDs, Powered by Light CDs, and a bunch of my solo CD Starship Universe (cheap). Hope to hear from you!
    A spirit with a vision is a dream with a mission!


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