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Thread: Stolen HorizonAir Plane

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    Stolen HorizonAir Plane

    I was sitting in my Hot Tub Friday night when that Horizon Air plane flew a couple hundred feet overhead then crashed on an Island just south of me. I did not See the crash but saw the plume of smoke....and later had to go inside from the ground fire smoke. My question is: How far do you think you would get in getting an airplane started....let alone getting it off the ground?....without any formal training?
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    As I read in some article, the guy said he had flight sim experience.
    It is hard to say that enough knowledge of a particular aircraft could be picked up by being around them enough.
    It looks like a modern glass cockpit.
    They could probably use a 2 factor activation/authorization to keep the plane from being started by pressing a button.
    So much of what we have, tech wise, has security based on "don't touch if you are not authorized".
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    It's sad and amazing.

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    It would probably happen more often if there was a possibility of a better end result.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Shadow View Post
    It would probably happen more often if there was a possibility of a better end result.
    Not if airport security is doing their job. This was totally inexcusable and someone needs to lose their job over it.
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