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Thread: Quantum - groovy heavy prog from Stockholm

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    Quantum - groovy heavy prog from Stockholm

    Hello -we're Quantum, a progressive rock band from Stockholm. We recently released a single called "The Jester's Part" (under the name Quantum Refrigerator) and we're currently working on an minialbum/EP.

    Here's our single

    And here are som clips of us performing live:

    An atmospheric tune...

    ... and a heavier song with a pretty cool groove

    Make sure to subscribe to our Youtube channel and to follow our facebook page for more updates

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    Ok so we're currently working on new material for an upcoming record and we thought that it'd be nice to share some stuff in the work-progresses.
    Here's some stuff we're currently working on taken from our rehearsals

    Stay tuned for more

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    Tim was trying out his new reverb pedal...

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    Som proggy heavy blues...

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    Ok, so we did a gig in Stockholm this wednesday - here's a clip of us playing a new sing: Dirt

    More straight forward than previously shared songs, but still with some quirky chord changes and a rocky feel

    See ya!

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    Alright - so for the last two weeks, we've been working in the studio, recording some new songs, I can tell you already that it is starting to shape up . THC and Leaves are recorded and Dirt and Blank are well on their way. Next Breath has been done for a while now.

    Ser y'all soon!

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    Here's a clip from a session in the studio of Marcus L and Anton listening to guitarsolos by Marcus W.

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    We are now on instagram!

    Username: Quantumrefrigerator

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    Hello - we've made quite som progress since our last post. Here's a link to our soundcloud on which we've uploaded work-in-progress mixes of our songs The Next Breath of Air, THC and Leaves.

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    I really enjoyed the demos on SoundCloud and actually prefer the SC stuff as opposed to the live versions.
    You sound quite improved over earlier versions, keep up the hard work.
    Personal opinion only(the addition of keyboards would put you in prog heaven status)

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    Haha, thanks man!

    Yeah we're actually looking for a keyboard player atm, so if you know anyone with skills in Stockholm, please give us the tip!!!

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    Alright so it's been a while. Since last time, we've won a Battle of the Bands conpetitiob at Kaknästornet in Stockholm and we've been writing loads of new material.

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    Hello! Here's a clip from our unplugged gig at PSB last week. It's a solo performance by Anton of a new song called Dots in the cieling.

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    A couple of weeks ago, we did som live sessions at Raw Power Studio and made sure to have a cameraguy there to film it. It turned out great and here's the first video that got done - weäve got plenty of more to come so make sure to subscribe so you donn't miss out

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    And then another of these...

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    So unfortunately, we didn't have any more footage for the restof the sessions, so we had to be creative - check out this lyricvideo!


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