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Thread: Lowrey or Hammond ?

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    Lowrey or Hammond ?

    Being a big fan of Canterbury and knowing that the Lowrey organ was quite popular amongst British musicians I never quite knew (up to today) to distinguish Hammond from Lowrey

    I read that it was used on Sergeant Pepper. For example the organ that David Sinclair played on the first Caravan and on 'If I could do it...' is that a Hammond or a Lowrey ?

    I am quite curiuos to know some typical signature tunes for the Lowrey.
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    As I recall it
    Mike Ratledge - Lowrey
    Dave Stewart - Hammond
    David Sinclair - Hammond

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    As I understand it, the organ Mike Ratledge used was actually a Gibson “Kalamazoo” G-101, the same model used by Ray Manzarek of the Doors. It was re-branded as a Lowrey for the UK market.

    Frank Zappa/Ian Underwood also used this organ, as did Ralph Shuckett on some of the Utopia stuff (it sounds very synth-y at times on Todd Rundgren’s Utopia).

    The Lowrey used on Sgt. Pepper was a home organ (they used a “harpsichord” tab for “Lucy...”). Same as the one Pete Townshend played with The Who on “Baba O’Riley” and “Won’t Get Fooled Again,” though I don’t know if that was the same model (probably not).
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