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Thread: Horror Fiction Help

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    Quote Originally Posted by philsunset View Post
    ^^^ no surprise. One funny thing I saw at a World Horror Convention was Poppy over Ramsey Campbell's knee getting a little spanking.[/QUOTE

    Must have been a sight to behold. lol. What sort of things did you do at the World Horror Convention? I've never been to a WHC.
    And Ramsey Campbell must be pretty old. That's a bit f'd up!

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    Published in 1980, Maynard's House is creepy, winter blizzard of a Maine ghost story. Or is it Vietnam PTSD? "Summer of 42" author Harold Raucher takes a rural detour into chilling psychological horror. Instead of a family moving into a big haunted house, The protagonist (Austin) roughs it, in a rustic old cabin, at the backend of Beyond Maine. All by his lonesome, terror slowly ratchets up, subsides and then spikes sideways. If you're drawn to horror like "Burnt Offerings", " The House Next Door, or Jack London's short story "To Build a Fire" then hustle and rustle you up copy Raucher's lone horror novel.
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