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Thread: My Ambient Guitar Gently Sleeps

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    Quote Originally Posted by jamesmanzi View Post
    Thanks. That's the pog2. On a clean gtr it give you an organy tone, and with distortion it's more synthy.
    Very cool, James.

    You are my hero.

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    Here's my latest creation, more Mooer madness with the EHX Synth9

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    Quote Originally Posted by Steve983 View Post

    Very nice James. Who is Edith Salmon?
    By the way, I'd be interested to hear about your approach to recording, I assume that was a single track/take? Any plugins used?
    Thanks again for your kind words.

    Only the spellcheck gods know the true face of Edith Salmon. I was trying to text my girlfriend Debbi whose name is not Edith that I was "on my way home with salmon." Spellcheck did the rest.

    Single take, although a few clunky minutes removed with a crossfade. I record in Logic, and with this ambient stuff I've been doing lately, outside of some compression at the output I've been doing all my processing with pedals before things go into the computer. I've been using a Focusrite Sapphire interface since last summer.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Gizmotron View Post
    Very cool, James.

    You are my hero.
    Aw, shucks.

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    I hope to use the Superego+ with more subtlety as I get to know it better. For now it's fun doing really heavy-handed stuff with the effects (like the pitch transposer here). And I still can't get enough of the stuttery Grazer nonsense - the Grazer is in the effects loop of the Superego+ here.

    I wish I had come to the pog2 and the Superego years ago. These are the effects I've been looking for my whole life.


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