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Thread: Proto prog thread

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    Quote Originally Posted by ashratom View Post
    Nor the 1969 band (on ABC) from the USA! This Goliath was from Louisville, and had one album released in 1975 called Hot Rock & Thunder. This track comes from an archival comp that was recorded in... wait for it... 1970. Apparently a popular name in those days...

    Personally I think the 1970 band from the UK is brilliant.

    Love that album. Its also stuffed in my Iphone, although the album art stinks!

    A French proto prog one shot from 1972:

    I love this tune! Everybody listen!

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    Quote Originally Posted by JJ88 View Post
    The album itself isn't as great as its reputation, IMHO*, but 'Seventy Five' absolutely is.
    Agreed on both points. They receive points for aspiration but ultimately it's kitsch.
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    I recently started a thread about Protoprog at the Avant Prog group on FB

    “So after the never ending Psychedelic binge - I thought it would be great to go further and explore the evolution and early days of Progressive rock aka Proto Prog
    What are your favorite proto prog bands and albums ?
    Jethro Tull The Nice Procol Harum The Moody Blues The Arthur Brown Band , Giles Giles & Fripp ,The Move Spooky Tooth Frumpy The Gods High Tide Renaissance
    Blodwyn Pig
    The denomination Proto Prog comes from the combination of two words, Proto from the Greek The earliest,. and Prog which as we know is a short term for Progressive Rock, so as it's name clearly indicates, refers to the earliest form of Progressive Rock or Progressive Rock in embryonary state.

    These bands normally were formed and released albums before Progressive Rock had completely developed (there are some rare Proto Prog bands from the early 70's, because the genre didn't expanded to all the Continents simultaneously

    The common elements in all these bands is that they developed one or more elements of Prog, and even when not completely defined as part of the genre, they are without any doubt, an important stage in the evolution of Progressive Rock.

    Generally, Proto Prog bands are the direct link between Psyche and Prog and for that reason the Psychedelic components are present in the vast majority of them, but being that Progressive Rock was born from the blending of different genres, we have broadened the definition to cover any band that combined some elements of Progressive Rock with other genres prior to 1970.

    Some of these bands evolved and turned into 100% Prog, while others simply choose another path, but their importance and contribution in the formative period of Prog can't be denied, for that reason no Prog site can ignore them.

    Proto-prog (short for "proto-progressive") is the first wave of British progressive rock musicians who branched from psychedelia or the advanced music that slightly predates the full-fledged prog era. Progressive rock (originally "progressive pop") evolved from psychedelic/acid rock music, specifically a strain of classical/symphonic rock led by the Nice, Procol Harum, and the Moody Blues.Proto-prog musicians harnessed modern classical and other genres usually outside of traditional rock influences, longer and more complicated compositions, interconnected songs as medley, and studio composition.

    Although a unidirectional English "progressive" style emerged in the late 1960s, by 1967, progressive rock had come to constitute a diversity of loosely associated style codes. When the "progressive" label arrived, the music was dubbed "progressive pop" before it was called "progressive rock",with the term "progressive" referring to the wide range of attempts to break with standard pop music formula. Author Doyle Greene believes that the "proto-prog" label can stretch to "the later Beatles and Frank Zappa", Pink Floyd, Soft Machine, and United States of America. Edward Macan says that psychedelic bands like the Nice, the Moody Blues, and Pink Floyd represent a proto-progressive style and the first wave of English progressive rock. Hegarty and Halliwell identify the Beatles, the Beach Boys, the Doors, the Pretty Things, the Zombies, the Byrds, the Grateful Dead and Pink Floyd "not merely as precursors of prog but as essential developments of progressiveness in its early days".
    Both the Beach Boys' Pet Sounds (1966) and the Beatles' Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band (1967), with their lyrical unity, extended structure, complexity, eclecticism, experimentalism, and influences derived from classical music forms, are largely viewed as beginnings in the progressive rock genre. Critics assumed King Crimson's album In the Court of the Crimson King (1969) to be the logical extension and development of late 1960s proto-progressive rock exemplified by the Moody Blues, Procol Harum, Pink Floyd, and the Beatles. According to Macan, the album may be the most influential to progressive rock for crystallizing the music of earlier "proto-progressive bands ... into a distinctive, immediately recognizable style". He distinguishes 1970s "classic" prog from late 1960s proto-prog by the conscious rejection of psychedelic rock elements, which proto-progressive bands continued to support.

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    They receive points for aspiration but ultimately it's kitsch.
    Mo, I am not sure I agree with you here. I think it is perhaps easy to dismiss this as kitsch if you listen to it with 2019 ears. But when it first came out- and that is when I bought it- it was as out there as out there could be. In 1969, few records sounded like this one, at least stateside. And "Circe" is a heavy-duty composition for all of its 4 minutes. It is as prog as prog gets in 1969.

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    Last five tunes from my Iphones proto prog playlist today:

    Tell My Why - Skin Alley
    Boats - Spring
    Hangin' On an Eyelid - Second Hand
    Magic Beam - Circus 2000
    Plastic Man - Dodkin
    no tunes, no dynamics, no nosebone

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    ^ All 5 of these are great in my book. It took me years to really appreciate Spring and Bodkin, but now I enjoy the heck out of them.


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