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Thread: New album Nick Johnston feat. G. Harrison and B. Beller

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    New album Nick Johnston feat. G. Harrison and B. Beller

    "Remarkably Human" is the fourth album by Canadian guitarist Nick Johnston.
    It features Gavin Harrison on drums, Bryan Beller on bass and Luke Martin on piano (although he might be playing the organ too).

    Although it's an instrumental album, this is real story-telling music. I love the tone and melodies. One of my favorite guitar-albums of this year.

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    Thanks for the post. I'm listening to it now, I like it! Feels like there are a few moments that i want him to go nuts but he's holding back? I'm amazed at how almost unrecognizable Harrison is on this, such a brilliant player.

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    I love the subtle playing of Harrison on this one.

    If you want Nick in a more heavy mood I guess you have to listen to one of his previous albums:

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    Nick will be releasing his new album "Wide Eyes In The Dark" this month.
    Here's one of the new songs, Gemini:

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    I'm really looking forward to "Wide Eyes in the Dark". I'm a big fan of Nick Johnston, and have signed prints of the "Atomic Mind" and "Remarkably Human" covers framed up on my wall


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