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Thread: Farpoint update...some new/old music.

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    Farpoint update...some new/old music.

    Exciting news! Since reconvening in the winter for our live internet broadcast, the KINDRED era lineup of Farpoint has returned to the studio to finish up a couple of old songs that we had been previously working on...One is a rerecording of a very old Farpoint favorite, and the other is a cover by one of the early art rock bands that was a huge influence on us. Both of these songs should see release by the end of the year. Stay tuned for more details!
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    And some more new/old music has surfaced! Some of you may remember a CD fundraiser that was put together by PE members back in 2005 or so. Farpoint's contribution to that compilation was a song called "Loved," written by Clark Boone. We have decided to make that track available as a digital single, so as of today it is available via CDBaby, Amazon, iTunes, YouTube, Spotify, and more. We hope you enjoy it and would be most appreciative to anyone who helps spread the word. More new music will be coming from Farpoint throughout 2019!

    Purchase here:

    Listen here:

    "Luminous beings are we, not this crude matter"


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